Jan. 14th, 2017

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Okay, owing to the fact that I haven't drawn for years, this is a bit last minute, but here I am!

Dear Megan,

I should NOT have an ARC.

1. I've only been waiting for less than two years :)

2. Owing to the joys of time zones, I will be getting my copy of Thick as Thieves at least five hours before the rest of the reprobates. Which will (Please note, reprobates!) be plenty of time for me to read it and get on here to gloat at the rest of them ;P

Therefore, I don't need the ARC. Please, pick someone else instead. But this doesn't mean I'm going to pass up on the fun of doing clunky art ;) So, as a sort of thank you...

1. Landscape.

My very favourite of all the stories of the Gods!

2. Other Art.

Thank you! I had great fun doing these!

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Okay, so since I'm a truly terrible artist (I think drunk squirrel art probably looks worthy of the Louvre compared to mine), I've put  off posting this as long as possible, but here is my poor attempt at fan art. :)

1) Fan Art
Since my drawing skills do not even extend to stick figures, I decided to focus on my favorite series location - the library. Though this is a more figurative representation, since Gen's library was probably smaller, it represents to me the refuge that we all (Gen included ;) ) find in books, and the endless information and worlds there are to discover.

2) Why I should have an ARC
The Queen's Thief series is my favorite series I have ever read. I discovered the first book at around the age of 14, and in the past 10+ years since then, I have re-read the books over 30 times! Of the (literally!) hundreds of series I have read, and through all stages of my life, including high school and 2 degrees, they have remained my absolute favorite, as shown by the embarassing number of copies I have. These books have been the screensaver on my phone for the past several years, since no image makes me happier than seeing them all together.

Thank you MWT for the amazing world and refuge you've given us!

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Well, hello to everyone and our Beloved Author! It's been forever since I posted anything here -- but I have a few minutes, and hopefully I haven't missed the deadline yet. So, I understand I can get four entries to the most exciting contest of the year by completing four fun and easy tasks. Here goes! The rest of this entry is under the cut (I hope! I'm the one who always had trouble with cuts.)
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