Jan. 19th, 2017

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Like, we knew that already. Before she came up with a new book, dropped in on a bunch of over-excited chatting fangirls or set up the chance for us to combine Art with QT :)

But here is the ultimate evidence of it. Megan's letter to all of us:

The ARC contest

I hope everyone who entered is happy with the way the contest turned out. I know I am. This is roughly how it worked.

People emailed me a link to their posts. The entries were listed in order of submission. I used random.org to generate a number and the entry that corresponded with that number was the winner. (I think that if I do this again I’ll try using random.org’s Third Party Draw system so that people can confirm that they are entered in the contest.)

I wanted a contest where everyone who wanted to participate could. I didn’t want to have to judge it—I hate judging and I am terrible at it–and I wanted everyone to make art if they felt like it. I was thinking more about community than competition. That said …

Wow, you guys. Really.

I don’t want to seem maudlin here, but I’m a little verklempt.

There were so many entries. Photos, paintings, playlists. Dolls. Yarn. Calligraphy. Songs. Figurines. Someone embroidered a map of Eddis and now I can’t find it, but I will, and when I do, I will reblog it. I did not expect this contest to be a data set for the many ways we interact with a text, but I’m excited that it is. People wanted to win an ARC to share it with their friends, their siblings, their Moms. People who didn’t even want to enter the contest wrote just to say nice things! (Ha, I entered you anyway.) People were kind about my mole god drawing. People were willing to share something of themselves with others they’ve never met.

I am serious when I say that I am honored to have you as readers. A little less serious when I say, whoah, good thing it was a random draw or I’d be mailing out hundreds of ARCs right now. Thank you for the submissions. Thank you for the reblogging. Thanks for the community. You guys are the best.

[from http://meganwhalenturner.tumblr.com/post/156035917972/many-thanks-to-macs-backs-for-sending-out-the-arc]
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