Mar. 12th, 2017

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Many thanks to [ profile] ninedaysaqueen for organizing this!

This is the third discussion for Queen of Attolia. The first section is here, and the second is here.

These discussions are spoiler free for the new short stories, “The Wine Shop” and “The Knife Dance,” as well as the Thick as Thieves arc.

There will be spoilers for books 1-4, so if you haven’t read all the published books yet, proceed with caution.

Next week is a break week with a chat on March 19th.


I'm going to structure this a little differently, with a very brief (and irreverent) summary under the cut and discussion topics in comments to this post. If you want to start new comment threads with completely different topics, please do!

Section three runs from Chapter 15, which begins "Attolia turned to look at him, where he kneeled watching her face," and Chapter 21, which ends, "And she believed him."

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