Mar. 19th, 2017

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There will be a live chat tonight in the Conspiracy Room! Password is HERE.

Stop in for virtual pizza!

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This week is a break week for the read-along, so everyone has a bit more time to catch up on reading and discussing. I know I have some catching up to do! We will continue with KoA next Sunday.

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Hello, dearest reprobates!

I haven't been here in, like, a million years... except to lurk on ocassion for the news which so delightfully eventually arrived. But in the course of my work, I was very generously sent an advanced copy of Thick As Thieves, which I literally finished five minutes ago and must write about somewhere.

Don't worry, these thoughts are utterly non-spoilery -- but I'll pop them behind a cut in case you (like me) don't want to know even the slightest thing about our next adventure before you experience it yourself.
So, so, so. )

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So there were 18 requests for the ARC and sadly, I only have one copy to pass on.

I created a list of all the people who requested the book and wrote some code to randomly pick one. You can relive the amazingly exciting process in this screenshot:

Congratulations to [ profile] frosted_feather! I'm going to try messaging you now. While I can write basic code, I have never actually used LJ messaging so we'll see how that goes. If I fail, you can message me with your address.

I hope you enjoy it! And I look forward to hearing what you think!
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Read the transcript from Sunday night's chat.

In which we discuss...

The lastest TaT summary

"The Knife Dance" and "Wine Shop"



Goats avoiding Lava


The identity Gitta Kingsdaughter

The Magus's historical writings

Textbooks are $$$

Enjoy! And don't be afraid to join us for future chats. We don't bit! Only the goats do.

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