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The Thief …I watched the image of the burning flame for a moment, thinking again how much like a window at night the glass was….I picked up my pry bar and, holding my breath, slammed it into the glass.

Queen of Attolia …”What did you come for if not to murder my King?” / “I came to steal his magus.” / “You can’t,” said the magus in question. / “I can steal anything,” Eugenides corrected him.

King of Attolia …Bewildered, Costis followed the king and his attendants and guards as they led the way through the convoluted passages of a palace pieced together by at least seven known architects over the span of uncounted years.

Conspiracy of Kings ….The night before I had finally opened the lower compartment of Attolia’s pistol case, dreading what I might discover….When I saw what lay under Attolia’s gun, I lay my head down on the table and cried.


“What are YOU doing here? Eugenides, Stenides, the #kingoflegottolia contest ended last month. Besides, that’s way too obscure. No one will even get it.”

“Don’t underestimate Queen’s Thief fans, of course they’ll get it. At the very least the Sounis peeps will…”

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