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I paid for a month of Chatzy, so we now have a backlog. If I am reading the screen correctly, we have over 54 million individual posts (each time you type something and hit enter it counts as a post). Can this be? I'm trying to find an easy way to get to the very beginning, rather than hitting "previous" "previous" "previous" over and over, so if anybody figures out how, let me know.

Meanwhile: If you ever pay to make Chatzy a premium room or whatever they call it, be aware that even if you specify a single month, it will subscribe you and keep charging you every month until you stop it. I used PayPal, and within an hour after I paid I went in and canceled the subscription, which means I paid for just the one month. I found out about this last time I paid and looked at my PayPal account and wondered, "What on earth???"

Ah, for the days when the fee covered a certain amount of data, rather than a time period. It made more sense that way.
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