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Something else to be excited about on May 16th! Harper Collins is re-releasing the audiobooks for the QT series in digital format and CD! The list price for the audio file is $21.99 for TT and CoK but $24.99 for all the other books and the CDs look like they are going to be $39.99 per book. Who knows if those listed prices are accurate. We shall see...

They will also be available on Audible, if you have that. It looks like the audiobook for Thick as Thieves will also be released on May 16, so we won't have to wait!

Previously, the audiobooks were narrated by Jeff Woodman, but I'm guessing he maybe isn't available anymore? The narrator is now listed as Steve West. He is listed as the narrator for all five books. I don't think that's a mistake, since I also found him listed as the narrator on the Barnes and Noble site, and he recently tweeted about recording all the books. He is a UK actor, who has narrated over 150 books and has eleven voice awards! You can listen to clips of him narrating on his website.

Guys! We're getting brand new versions of the audiobooks! I'm so excited to listen to Thick as Thieves!

PS: Hopefully, he does a better Eddisian accent. XD Sorry, Jeff Woodman...I loved your narrations too!

PSS: More excuses to give MWT my money. Yay!

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This is a big deal; the regular price is 24.95!

Subject: [LMB] CVA on sale at Downpour.com

Just spotted this sale on the audiobook of _Captain Vorptril?s Alliance_ at Downpour.com, $5.95 for the download version, good through Feb 27, 2017:

h/t to [livejournal.com profile] nlbarber
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The long awaited transcript from the chat we had on the 16th. Sorry, this took so long! As I was copying it, Chatzy added many lines of computer coding for some reason. I had to tediously go back through hours of chat log and delete all of that, which is why this took so long. Curse you, Chatzy!

In which...

We fangirl Thick As Thieves.

Reprobates overexcitedly ask questions at the same time that do not get answered.

We fail at explaning the Overdrive app.

YA vs. Middle Grade

Bookish talks about her interview with MWT.

Lady Jane devours every single last muffin!

Please, remember that this was a SPOILER chat, so if you don't want to know anything about the new book other then the cover and release date, cover your ears.

Even LJ deemed this too long! We will have to have a chat again sometime soon.

*Fixed link issue. The internet made it vanish on me. XD

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Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help lead the discussion during the read-along. Your discussion leads will be...

Chapters 1-3
Week 1 (Sept. 3rd - 9th)
 - [livejournal.com profile] ninedaysaqueen

Chapters 4-6
Week 2 (Sept. 10th - 16th)
- [livejournal.com profile] silverflight8

Chapters 7-9
Week 3 (Sept. 17th - 23rd)
- [livejournal.com profile] an_english_girl

Chapters 10-12
Week 4 (Sept. 24th - 30th)
- [livejournal.com profile] pendrecarc

If you plan to participate in the 20th anniversary read-along, you can either read the section during the week it's being dicussed and particpate as you read or plan your reading schedule a week ahead. Those of you planning to start early, should start reading this Saturday the 27th of August. Discussion for Chapters 1-3 will open on September 3rd. Also, if you've never listened to the CD audiobook read by Jeff Woodman, I highly recommend it!

The fanmade QT readaloud chapters available for this section are Chapters 1 and 3. You have to be a member of the commmunity to view the fanmade readaloud.

However, you don't have to be a member to participate in the read-along. Feel free to spread the word about the read-along and discussion to QT fans on other social media platforms. Share buttons are below. The more the merrier!

If you'd like to read more about Thief Month and the other actvities planned to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Thief, click HERE. If you have any questions or ideas about the read-along or Thief Month, please comment or email me at ninedaysqueenmod@gmail.com.

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I bought copies of The Thief and The King of Attolia today at a used book store (who would sell these masterpieces?!) to flesh out my favorite books display. I'd really like 3 full sets; one set to loan out (to entice new reprobates to the group), one set signed by our beloved MWT which no one is allowed to touch!, and a third set just for me. How many sets do you guys have?
Pics )
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He starts about 11:30 into the recording. It's downloadable! Love it, squeeze it, take it home.

Happy Boxing Day!
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BBC Radio 4 has started airing their adaptation of Pratchett & Gaiman's Good Omens!


It's streaming internationally, including the US & Scandinavia.

Happy Boxing Day!
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Tammy titles $5!!




Tamora Pierce fans, here's one you're gonna love!

Full Cast Audio has recorded a dozen of Tammy's books. As we continue to sell down our CD stock, at this point we only have three titles remaining in stock - WILD MAGIC, EMPEROR MAGE, and MELTING STONES.

Each recording is approximately 8 hours, on 8 CDS. And (check out the rave reviews for each title!)

From now until Friday (or when they run out, whichever comes first) you can get each of these recordings for only $5 apiece!

Two notes:

1) While we hope you'll pick up some other titles along the way but that is absolutely not required.

2) If you want delivery by Christmas you need to opt for Priority Shipping.

Find the Magic!

— Bruce Coville,
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Oh guys. I know I've already bent your ear about the audiobook once, but I just finished, and I have more things and feels to discuss.

First, let me say that I got to the point where the narrator didn't bother me so much, thank goodness. I think my main complaint now is 1) some of the intonation choices he made that didn't match what was in my head AT ALL, and 2) that he didn't do voices that clearly differentiated between the characters. Maybe I'm just spoiled by my Princess Diaries audiobooks, but I like characters to be distinct.

Okay, so, thoughts...

1) I completely forgot that the magus wrote in a journal during the entire trip. How FREAKING AMAZING would it be if that journal were turned into a novella or something? I'd love to get inside his head and read how his opinion of Gen changes over the trip. I get fluttery just thinking about it.

2) I also forgot that POL HAD KIDS. No mention is made of how old they are. What if Pol's fatherly nature toward Sophos was because his children were close to his age? And what if they appeared in one of the upcoming books?! It's possible. I mean, Gen rules Sounis now, and Sophos is back. They must know Sophos. Even if they don't play a major role (such as being a narrator, though that would be freaking awesome), how sweet would it be if King Eugenides met (even by accident or in passing) the children of his old friend? The feels, you guys, the feeeeeels. MWT, please give them cameos at the very least.

3) I had such a fun time picturing what it would have been like if Ambiades had not died and had been around to learn that gutter scum Gen was more important, more titled, and richer than he was!

4) And lastly, I was sitting in my car and sighed out loud at the line Gen speaks in Attolia's prison. "No one would start a war over me." Oh Gen, if only you knew.
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Hi all!

I recently found out (thank to you all) that a Thief audiobook actually existed, so I quickly hunted it down at my library and listened to the first CD today. You guys, I have thoughts. I was literally squirming in my car, I so wanted to talk to someone about my thoughts.

1) I'm kind of annoyed at the choice of narrator. I listened to the first chapter of Stephen King's IT once, and it was narrated by the same guy. He's too old to be Eugenides! And he speaks so slowly, and he doesn't say things like they're supposed to be said (like when he says he said something softly but actually speaks it in a normal tone). I want my magus to sound like Liam Neeson, not like every single other character, and I don't like how everyone slips into Jersey accents every now and then. Please tell me this guy gets better!

2) Is Pol's name really pronounced like Paul? How... common. I thought it was pronounced "pohl" not "pahl."

3) On the other hand, having an old guy narrate teen Eugenides gives the book a whole new twist. It's like this is really King Eugenides of Attolis and he's telling his story to his own kids or something. The retrospective tone lengthens from being something he's looking back at only, say, a month later to something he's remembering years later.

4) Isn't it funny how the cells in the prison used to be merchant stalls? Gen complains the entire time how the magus treats him like a tool... one that he picked up in the market, perhaps?

5) I just passed the point in the book where Gen shouts at Philonikes. Did we ever find out if word got back to Eddis and MoW? I'd love to learn what it was like for them, from finding out Gen was gone, to hearing of his arrest, to hearing of his escape, only to have him return triumphant yet half-dead.

6) Last question/thought, one prompted by #1. If you had to cast voice actors for each character in The Thief, who would you cast?
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CoK on Audio book will soon be available on audiobook! (Anticipated Release: Feb 15, 2011)


*immediately pre-orders from the library*
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I am running extremely short on books to wig out about. I keep reading books that I adore over and over, juicing every bit of squee out of them, and I'm afraid that I will soon wear them out. I have discovered several good reads here at Sounis, for which I am extremely grateful! I must once again rely on the good judgment of my fellow reprobates for some new titles. I will make a short list of the types of books I like and perhaps give a few examples. 

Types of books I like:

Character driven (please make me love the characters!!!)
Not too magicky (though I do enjoy fantasy, too much magic bogs down the story)
Politics, but again, not overdone
Not a romance book. I like romance as a sub-plot.(unless its Jane Austen)
I adore surprise endings (I know I can't always get this...*sniff*)
LOVE mysteries (I enjoyed the Beekeeper's Apprentice and the sequel, Agatha Christie were good mysteries, but didn't make me care about the characters. Example: I never feared for Miss Marple's life)
Disapproving rich relatives are always fun (Jane Austen rocks)
Edge of your seat suspense!
Please...keep the swearing to a minimum...swearing is so...tacky

My Fav books and authors:

MTW....um Duh
Sherlock Holmes
Artemis Fowl
Jane Austen
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series (corny but funny)
Howl's Moving Castle
Claire Dunkle's books (loved these books, they were like a fusion of my favorite things in a story)
I've read lots of classics. Among my favs: Little Women, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Tom Sawyer, Oliver Twist, Jane Eyre, The Lord of the Rings

Books I'd rather not read again:

Twilight books
Eragon and Co.
Percy Jackson series
Women's Murder Club series

Hope that give you a good idea of my tastes. I'm counting on you guys. I'm in my hour of need - Don't fail me now!

P.s. I'm more likely to get it soon if it is on unabridged audiobook, because I work at a place where I get to listen to audiobooks most of the time. Ya, I know my job rocks. ;-D

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School is out, or almost out, and that means ROAD TRIPS.  FAMILY road trips

Do you have any travel plans?  What audiobooks do you recommend for long trips? 

Please note if the book is suitable or not for all ages, and if any dogs die.
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Hey there all Sounisians. I know there are audio books for QT out there and I'm in need. My husband has a long commute and audio books keep him sane. He's running low and I thought this would be the perfect time to get him addicted to QT.

However, I can't find these things. Please take this harness and lead me directly to them as I tend to get lost along the way.

Also, are they good? Audio books read by the wrong person can really ruin the experience.

And also again, can you recommend any other audio books? He has really enjoyed the Dresden Files, The Lost City of Z, David McCullogh's Truman biography and World War Z. So, his tastes are a bit eclectic. He did NOT enjoy Harry Potter in audio book form.

Thanks for guidance.


Aug. 1st, 2009 08:49 pm
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So although I HATES HATES HATES being read to, I was desperate for something to listen to on a long car drive besides interminable stretches of static interspersed with brief bursts of angsty wailing ("We gots both kinds of music:  Country AND Western!") -- so I grabbed the audio CD of QUEEN OF ATTOLIA from the Public Library.

Well, I still HATES being read to, but Eugenides makes anything bearable, and besides, for at least half the book, his suffering far outweighed mine.

However, one thing I picked up from listening, rather than reading: 

Every time the narrator said "Eddisian", my ear kept hearing "Odyssean."  Which opened up a whole new layer of overtones and allusions to my second-favorite sly and larcenous trickster.

I'm sure that everyone else has already noted this bit, but I kept thinking, "Oh, MWT, will you ever stop astonishing me?"
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Hey ya'll,

I have no affiliation with this auction, but I thought some of you might be interested. I hope this is okay to post here! Anyway, Here's the link to an unabridged King Of Attolia audiobook. Only 21 hours left so hurry if you want it! :)

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HI. i'm finally back, (yay!) anyways, i recently checked out the audiobooks for QOA and KOA, and having listened to them both i thought they were reasonably good. i just wanted to ask what all you other people thought of them. Anyways, um, see ya!
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I'm not good at answering questions. I thought I knew a fair ammount about the books, but seing some of these questions here made me realise that I need to do some re-reading. So I rented The Thief on book-on-tape at the library. Has anyone else heard it? I think that the narrator is quite good.

Also, I was at Borders the other day. I wanted to buy The Thief and The Queen of Attolia in hardcover to match my King of Attolia book, but they only had those books in paperback. Does anyone know if they sell hardcovers for those books in the new covers?
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I'm rereading The Thief in order to get geared up for The King of Attolia - my oh my, rereading is so much sweeter than the first time around, GETTING ALL THE FORESHADOWING - and I suddenly had a thought. All the time I have pronounced our Queen's Thief's name "YOO-jen-eyds." But I was reading, and I read Ambiades's name for the thousandth time, and I realized that I pronounce it "am-BY-uh-deez." This seems correct to me, based on my small knowledge of and experience with Greek and Greekish words and names. And I looked at Eugenides's name again - and realized it could also be pronounced "yoo-JEN-uh-deez," possibly more accurately. Or also "yoo-jen-I-deez." I'm not sure what I feel about either of these, or about possibly changing the way I pronounce the name, but I have a compulsion to at least know the truth. Or the general consensus of what the truth might be.

And so my questions to you, my newly-found fellow fans, are
a) How do you pronounce Eugenides?
b) How do you intellectually think it SHOULD be pronounced?
c) What about the pronunciations of various other interesting names that I can't think of at the moment?

To recap, my answers are
a) YOO-jen-eyds (rhymes with...er...you jen rides)
b) Possibly "yoo-JEN-uh-deez"
c) I can't think of any at the moment.

Thank you very much, in advance!

EDIT: For reference, the general consenus seems to be, and the audiobooks seem to say, that the proper thing to do would be to pronounce it
However, we have a fairly wide array of other ways to pronounce it, too. Extremely interesting!
Thank you all very much, again, for your input!


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