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Welcome back to the community read-along of all the books (so far!). This week, we’re starting A Conspiracy of Kings, reading from the start of the Prologue “The king of Attolia was passing....” to the end of Chapter 12 “...You came in. And you laughed.” Thirteen chapters sounds like a lot, but some of them are actually very short, so please keep reading and don’t panic!

These discussions are spoiler-free for the new short stories The Wine Shop and The Knife Dance, as well as for the ARC Thick As Thieves. If you have any comments on these in relation to ACoK, please write them down or tell them to the cat, so you’ll remember them to share with everyone else in Less Than A Month’s Time!!! :D

Obviously, there will be spoilers for the four extant books, so if you’re very very new to this fandom, I echo the Queen of Attolia: Go Away – and finish reading all four books!

Do not expand the cut unless you are prepared to madly fangirl/over-analyse ACoK and the rest of the series )
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Stop by for a live chat tonight in the Conspiracy Room. Password is HERE. You must be a member of the community to use the chat room.

5pm Pacific Time
6pm Mountain Time
7pm Central Time
8pm Eastern Time

If your timezone does not appear here, check the World Clock.

[livejournal.com profile] an_english_girl is bringing virtual Easter Simnel Cake!

Happy Easter Sunday, everyone. Feel free to invite others!

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We're getting very close to the release of Thick as Thieves (only a matter of weeks!), so I thought it was probably time to discuss a plan to discuss. I've gone over the A Conspiracy of Kings tag, and was reminded that we broke discussions of the book down to a select number of chapters per post, meaning a handful of posts went live the day the book was released. Each one was devoted to four chapters or so.

The cons of the multi-post method-
Discussions can get a bit unwieldy when spread across many different windows.
If you want to discuss aspects of the books as a whole, there can be some confusion about where you should post.
It can get tedious to check all the different posts.

No worrying about spoilers for later on in the book if you want to share your thoughts as you read.

An alternative would be to have one post in which I could place comment threads that everyone could reply to if discussing individual chapters. There's onlythirteen
 chapters in the new book, so one comment thread per chapter? If you want to discuss the book as a whole, you can just reply to the post itself.

To summarize, the cons of this single post method would be-
Spoilers for the whole book in one post. (However, you should be able to avoid them by not scrolling down the whole way.)

Better organized discussions.
You can break your thoughts down by chapter without having to load many different windows or just discuss as a whole

If you're planning to use Sounis to discuss the book, you're welcome to share any ideas on the matter. If everyone is planning to finish the book before they start discussing it online, the cons of a single post would be irrelevant. You can, of course, still create a post of your own to dicuss specific aspects of the book, ask questions, or post reviews.

Right now, I'm eyeing May 28th at the usual time for our first post-TaT Conspiracy Room chat to discuss the book. That should give most reprobates enough time to get a copy and finish it. If your copy is arriving later than that but you'd like to participate in a chat, let me know when you think you'll have the book and will be done reading it. Maybe another chat in June or July would be good for anyone waiting on their copy from the public library or slow Amazon shipping?

If you have an arc and would like to start discussing now, I do have a locked post set up on my personal journal called the Jamey Dodgy Society for anyone wanting to talk about the book now. Simply friend me and drop me a comment or a PM so I know to add you. Livejournal is not always emailing me when someone friends me. (bashes LJ) I will unlock that post on May 16th and everyone can respond to any discussions on the the JDS thread.

Sounis's spoiler policies are HERE and basically ask that all spoilers for new books be hidden under an LJ-cut with a spoiler warning till at least a month after the book comes out.
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Section notes - from "The long summer's day was ending" to "He is an Annux, a king of kings."

In today's post, I'm going to pose two questions about all the chapters, and then a unique question for each chapter. I will then answer each of the questions with my own answers, and hope they're interesting enough to provoke discussion!

Questions for all four chapters:

1) What is accomplished in this chapter? (Could also be phrased, "Why does this chapter exist?")

2) If the chapters had titles, what would you call this chapter?

Individual chapter questions:

11: Is Barond Erondites an effective villain?

12: How has Irene changed since The Queen of Attolia?

13: Is the duel effective as a narrative/scene?

14: Is the reaction of the guard to Gen plausible?

My answers behind the cut! )
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Welcome to April, the month before the month of Thick as Thieves! This week, we’re reading from “The stool hit the wall with a satisfying crash” to “Costis returned to his room, freed himself of belt and breastplate, and fell, otherwise fully dressed, onto his bed.” As always, these discussions are spoiler free for “The Wine Shop,”The Knife Dance,” and the Thick as Thieves arc, but we WILL probably discuss content from all four published books. Page numbers are from the 2006 paperback.

The discussion for the first five chapters is here. Next week, led by [livejournal.com profile] ibmiller , we will finish the book!

What could possibly happen in a five-chapter chunk that begins and ends in Costis’s room? EVERYTHING.

Summaries and assorted questions )

I'd like to take a moment in this post to acknowledge and remember [livejournal.com profile] philia_fan, whose username came from Chapter Eight. Philia meant a lot to many of us here, and it was very sad to lose her when she passed away five years ago. Her insight shaped my readings of these books as much as her thoughtfulness shaped my experience of this community. So, so, so, shoutout to Philia. <3
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Hey, everyone! Just stopping in to say I'm planning to run the second Hamiathes' Gift Exchange for fanfiction and fanart this summer.

The current plan is to do wait for the dust to settle after Thick as Thieves is released, hold nominations and signups in the second half of June, have assignments out at the beginning of July, and have gifts due in the middle of August--so six weeks to write or draw.

Any questions or concerns? I'll make more announcements as we get closer to June.

(Also, mods, any chance we can get a tag for the exchange?)
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The rodent judges have selected the five finalalists for the King of Legoattolia arc contest. One of them being our very own [livejournal.com profile] an_english_girl!

Go HERE to vote. The winner will recieve an advanced copy of Thick as Thieves!

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Read the transcript from Sunday night's chat.

In which we discuss...

The lastest TaT summary

"The Knife Dance" and "Wine Shop"



Goats avoiding Lava


The identity Gitta Kingsdaughter

The Magus's historical writings

Textbooks are $$$

Enjoy! And don't be afraid to join us for future chats. We don't bit! Only the goats do.

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There will be a live chat tonight in the Conspiracy Room! Password is HERE.

Stop in for virtual pizza!

You must be a member of the community to use the chat room.

What time?

5pm Pacific Time
6pm Mountain Time
7pm Central Time
8pm Eastern Time

If your timezone does not appear here, check the World Clock.

This week is a break week for the read-along, so everyone has a bit more time to catch up on reading and discussing. I know I have some catching up to do! We will continue with KoA next Sunday.


Mar. 5th, 2017 10:01 pm
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Today at Barnes & Noble...

Seeing these beauties in person has officially won me over to the new covers! Pretty sure this one’s my favorite.

(Shout-out to Checkers for inspiring the userpic.)
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If you haven't already, check out last week's discussion of QoA Section One (chapters 1-8) lead by [livejournal.com profile] ninedaysaqueen.

This week we’re reading from the beginning of Chapter 9, "The hunting retreat was a summer home..." through the end of Chapter 14, "...and ran back down the rampart stairs even faster than he had climbed them."

Chapters 9-14 of The Queen of Attolia
These discussions are spoiler free for the new short stories, “The Wine Shop” and “The Knife Dance,” as well as the “Thick as Thieves” arc.

There will be spoilers for books 1-4, so if you haven’t read all the published books yet, proceed with caution.

Read more... )

"My Queen?"
"Only for that."

Next week we will continue with QoA chapters 15-21 lead by [livejournal.com profile] pendrecarc!
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Hey, everyone, if you use social media please post a link to our community reread of Chapters 1-8 of the Queen of Attolia. Invite them to join in the fun! Here's a link to the discussion: http://sounis.livejournal.com/684877.html
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Prompted by this post, I have created an aesthetic blog on tumblr inspired by the world of the Queen's Thief!

Visit Of Gods & Thieves on Tumblr!

My thought process was as follows: Crossposting is a Great Idea, and I'm all for spreading the Queen's Thief love, but my tumblr is composed mostly of Random Pretty Things, and I don't really use it for anything else. BUT, Tumblr has a secondary blog feature...and the Queen's Thief series certainly has boatloads of aesthetic quality and appeal...perhaps I could run with that? So I bounced the idea off Sounis and a few of you told me to go for it. I've spent the last few days setting it up and so far it's been super fun! I hope you enjoy it!

Of Gods & Thieves may be a placeholder name until I think of something better to call it. (Suggestions welcome!) I'm still sorting out links and navigation and trying to figure out how to make tags work well. (Feedback welcome!)
This is a secondary blog and so there are certain silly limitations I'll be trying to work around. For example, I believe you can follow the blog but any following back on my part will have to be done through my primary tumblr, quothshe. Tumblr can be a little quirky like that, but I'll do my best to make it function. :) Finally, I'm linking to other QT related tumblrs and websites, so holler at me if you'd like to be included. <3
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This week we’re reading from, “He was asleep, but woke at the sound of the key turning in the lock.” To “‘He sighed inwardly.”

Chapters 1-8 of QoA.
These discussions are spoiler free for the new short stories, “The Wine Shop” and “The Knife Dance,” as well as the “Thick as Thieves” arc.

There may be spoilers for books 1-4, so if you haven’t read all the published books yet, proceed with caution.
Long Post is Long )
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The new editions and short stories are coming out on Tuesday, we finally have a map after twenty years of waiting, and we're starting the read-along on Sunday the 26th! If you're unfamilar with the community wide re-read and discussion we're holding to celebrate the release of "Thick as Thieves," read all about it HERE.

A big be blessed in your endevors to all the volunteers who signed up to help lead discussions. Here are your leads and the reading schedule. This would not be happening without everyone volunteering thier time, so thank you very much.

Read-Along Schedule )

FYI, these discussions will have spoilers for books 1-4 but are spoiler free for the new short stories, "Knife Dance" and "Wine Shop," and the "Thick as Thieves" arc.

Now, you don't have to stay 100% in sync with this schedule. I imagine people can either read ahead or read the section and discuss it the following week. Whatever works for you. The break weeks are there for this purpose. If anyone falls behind, you have some time to catch up. Reminders will be posted about the chats in the Conspiracy Room. Remember, you have to be a member of the community to use the chat room, however an LJ account or community membership is not needed to participate in the read-along itself.

Let me know of I need to elborate on anything for you. I hope everyone has fun. Time to crack open those books!
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Hey, everyone! Lady Jane and I have beek kicking (see icon) around ideas to keep the activity on [livejournal.com profile] sounis going, while doing all we can to spread the love of the Queen's Thief books all over social media. We think cross-posting news and media is the way to go, since there are so many platforms out there used by so many different people. Although a few years ago everyone was using just a few sites, it seems like now there are lots of different favorites.

[livejournal.com profile] dannybailey has come up with some great ideas--more to come from her (hopefully) later. In the meantime, if you are a Tumblr user, please follow our QT-related blogs:



I know lots of you have Tumblr accounts. Please feel free to cross post any Tumblr QT news/fanart here on LJ, or cross post any of our insanity on your own Tumblr pages. And if you leave a comment with your Tumblr site, we'll follow you, too.

If you all have other ideas about how to use other platforms to talk about the books, we'd love to hear them.
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Thanks to everyone who's volunteered so far! With the deadline for sign-ups fast approaching (February 12th), I'm still in need of at least two more people to help lead discussions.

If you're unfamilar with the community wide re-read and discussion to celebrate the release of "Thick as Thieves" (starting February 26th and concluding May 14th), please read all about it HERE. We're starting with "The Queen of Attolia" having just done a read-along for "The Thief" in September. If you didn't get a chance to participate back in September, there's no time like the present!
Chapters 1-3 - Chapters 4-6 - Chapters 7-9 - Chapters 10-12.

These discussions will be spoiler free for "Thick as Thieves" as well as the new short stories, "Wine Shop" and "Knife Dance."

If you're just participating in the read-along, no sign-ups are required. Just bring your lovley reprobatish selves!

What does it mean to volunteer as a discussion lead and how do I sign up?
If you sign up, you will be responsible for opening discussions the start of your week, which will be a Sunday. It would be preferable if the opening post is up by Saturday (the day before your week starts), but the official due date is midnight on Sunday, the first day of your week. You're free to make your post as elborate as you like or keep it simply with just a few topics and observations to get things going. It would also be best if you’re available during your week to respond to comments and foster discussion, but that’s not absolutely necessary.

Sign up by emailing me at ninedaysaqueenmod@gmail.com or comment if you have any questions. Please, title your email QT read-along.

I will need-
Your Livejournal username.
Which section or book you’d prefer. (This helps me make decisions.)
If there are any sections you absolutely cannot take because of a RL scheduling conflict.
Whether or not you’d like to be a pinch-hitter, if someone cannot get their post done on time.

The deadline to sign-up is this Sunday, February 12th. Official assignments along with further instructions will be emailed to all volunteers the following Monday or Tuesday. This should give everyone plenty of time to prepare thier post.

Please, consider signing up if you have any time to spare during these weeks. PLEAAASSSEE!

Spread the word about the read-along!

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We have a shiny, new readaloud chapter--Chapter 12 of A Conspiracy of Kings read by [livejournal.com profile] ninedaysaqueen !

Listen to the tale of Two Sounisians in the City Behaving Oddly while dear Sophos dresses in startling finery (to look less like riff raff) and the Magus lounges in his bath like a terrapin. There are sound effects! Listen to it here. (You must be a member of the community to access the chapters.)

Want to read a chapter? Leave a comment on the readaloud post and we'll add you to the list. Also, a reminder that we'll be removing names in another week or so, so if you signed up years ago and still want your chapter, speak now or forever hold it.
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The one in which...

We speculate about Kamet.

We pass around some British scones with jam.

We discuss the geography of a fictional universe for some reason.

Checker's is an evil librarian.

We are reprobates being reprobatish for thirty-six pages of chat log.

A PSA for all reprobates: as we discussed during the chat, reprobate wranglers the mods, [livejournal.com profile] checkers65477 and I, are now on Tumblr. We will be crossposting things from Sounis to help the community and Megan promote the new book

Follow us if you're on Tumblr!

Checker's Eddis, Sounis, Attolia

Lady Jane

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Join your fellow reprobates tonight for a chat in the Conspiracy Room.

[livejournal.com profile] an_english_girl will be bringing scones!

They may look a little like biscuits to most of us Americans, but what's in a name if it looks delicious! i've promised not to eat them all this time...

The chat will start at...

5pm Pacific Time
6pm Mountain Time
7pm Central Time
8pm Eastern Time

If your timezone does not appear here, please check the World Clock. It's okay to be fashionably late!

The password for the Conspiracy Room is HERE. You have to be a member of Sounis to enter the Conspiracy Room.

We will be openly discussing the information revealed in the "Thick as Thieves" online summary, which tells who the main character of the story is. If you don't want to know anything about the book before you read it, please cover your ears.

Sign-ups for discussion leads for the QT read-along of QoA - CoK will remain open till February 12th. I still need a few more people's help, so please consider signing up. Details HERE.


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