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I used Plot Generator to write myself a Costis/Kamet fanfic. It went better that I could have possibly hoped.

For example, I think it managed to sum up Kamet's character really well:

"Kamet gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was an Even-tempered, Suspicious, tea drinker with small hair and tall lips. His friends saw him as a smiling, squidgy scribe. Once, he had even saved a colossal kitten that was stuck in a drain."

Intrigued? Check out the full story.

Cross-posting to lj.
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A Very Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating! To add to your joy (I hope!) here is my entry for the Queen's Peeps contest.
    A couple of notes:
  • 1. I did not look at the other entries before creating this, (mostly because I didn't want to be discouraged if somebody else did a more brilliant version of the same scene.)
  • 2. Also, I've decided our author is cruel (though I love her anyway), because nothing will stick to a peep! And they are also strangely reluctant to stay where you put them, and have an awkward tendency to melt in the sun.

But anyway, the title of this scene is: WE EAT THE CHICKEN NOW! Picture and description after the cut )
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To promote the release of "Catching Fire," the "Hunger Games" actors played a rather morbid game of would you rather. Clearly, we need to do this for the QT universe!

Let me know your answers and reasons in the comments.

Rather morbid as well... )

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After Lady Jane's splendid sequence of pictures about the Very Long Wait, a collection of snark Attolis Eugenides himself would be proud of, I thought you might all like to see a bona fide string of emails from the evening Thick as Thieves was announced.
Tagged insanity for a reason! )
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I haven't made any crack in a long while, so it's time re-earn my Sounis court title. I'm bringing court titles back!

I've had this idea for awhile now, but I didn't feel it would be nice to Megan while we were still waiting for news of book 5. Now that we have a release date for "Thick As Thieves," I decided it's time to laugh at all that trauma now behind us.

The following is based on a true story. Sorry, Megan... I'm not complaining. I promise! We love you!

Warning: Picture and GIF heavy, so if you have a slow computer or internet, be careful.

Very Image Heavy - May Break Your Computer )

Any funny waiting for book five stories you'd like to share? What did you do to celebrate the annoucement of Thick as Thieves?

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Steve Brust says it's all Emma Bull's fault.
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Hey Sounis!

It's time to sign Megan's birthday card! Her birthday is tomorrow, but as usual, the card is going up a day early so everyone has a chance to sign. So, without further ado, everyone get in line sign the card, and no one steal the pen.....I'm talking to you, Eugenides!

Open the Card )

For my part, I'd like to wish Megan a very happy birthday -  may Gen never steal your earrings and may Sophos leave your birthday cake happily alone!


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These re-workings are delicious, twisted fun!

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The Professora & I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens yesterday. They had an exhibit of scarecrows, some with scarily bad punny names. I'm not sure what flickr did with/to the order, but the names should be at or near the pictures. I hope y'all enjoy them. In between, of course, being very, very afraid.


One could, of course, bring the whole discussion back on-topic & speculate about autumn equinox customs in the countries of the Sounis universe. I imagine a certain reluctant king would take particular glee in comparing certain attendants and advisors to scarecrows. Maybe Ornon's sheep were used to arrange an amusing seasonal tableau?

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My fellow reprobates, I propose we invent silly probable titles for the next book in our beloved series, so as to annoy Megan into giving us more information facilitate any discussion we may henceforth hold about said highly-anticipated novel.

I humbly put forth "The Skinnydippers in Eddis's Volcano That's Gonna Go Boom Over Attolia," or TSEVTGGBOA for short, but the floor is open to your suggestions.
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Brooke Abbey [a Canadian pharmacist who's a major Lois McMaster Bujold fan, [livejournal.com profile] hsifyppah ] has a new e.p. up on Bandcamp. The Sharing Knife song is called "Spark", here:


note: lyrics are there, & music can be listened to for free. In fact, you could download it for free, if you name a price of 0.00. [Feel free to give more, if you wish and are able.]

It's a lovely song, right up there with Cat Faber [[livejournal.com profile] catsittingstill ]'s "Common Ground" [on her album "The King's Lute", also on Bandcamp].

filkferengi, gleeful when sharing cool stuff

P. S. The song "Rosemary & Roo" is a moving tribute to Australia, using the tune for her song "Rosemary & Rue" [about Seanan McGuire's first Toby Daye novel].
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With perfect timing, I just found out about an awesome, new (free, no strings attached!) downloadable collection of 70 MP3s from a variety of filk, folk, Celtic and Pagan musicians including SJ Tucker, Heather Dale, Avalon Rising, Talis Kimberley, Tom Smith, Pandora Celtica, and many others.

In between excellent snacks [do we really want to know how Gen livens up Ornon's holidays? You can bet he's spiking more than just the punch ;)], we might discuss which songs remind us of which characters.

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Hey, Sounis!

Just wishing you guys all a very Merry Christmas a few days early with a Christmas fanart:


Come on, what else would Gen be doing at Christmas beside stealing kisses under the mistletoe!

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Right, so I was unsure which of the tags was most fitting of "Oh hey this random thing reminds me of Eugenides and I just had to share!" BUT!

Some of you must enjoy the Marvel/Avengers movies, yes/yes? I have only recently fallen head over heels for them and heartily recommend Thor 2 for anyone looking for some epic adventure sprinkled liberally with witty banter, sibling angst and general hilarity.

And Loki. Oh, Loki.

So this thing has been going around, inspired by ...

You may see where I'm going with this... )

Fan Fic

Jul. 16th, 2013 01:10 pm
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So, I know the title sounds like I am submitting fan fic (Wish I was), but I'm not. :( I just want to know the title and author of the fic where Irene and Helen wrestle. I am still very interested in this story. Thanks.


Jun. 1st, 2013 09:59 pm
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Alright, this is a little thing, but it just blew my mind.

We know that Eugenides has several siblings. We know that at least some of them are married. Thus it stands to reason that those siblings may have children.

You guys. Somewhere in Eddis there may be a bunch of kids running around talking about their Uncle Gen and Auntie Irene.

I'm flailing here. Anyone want to draw some adorable family fanart?
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Hello All!

Just to get some creativity/crack/conspiracies flowing around here, I thought why not have a confession night in Chatzy!? [The link can be found to Left, 'The Conspiracy Room'] That's right!
Where? The Conspiracy Room
When? Whenever it is "Night" in your specific location!
Why? Why NOT?!

Drop by in chatzy with your secret name and leave a secret QT confession. I don't want to limit you, so I'll let you guys take it from here [[this is a safe place to express all your QT related obsessions the good, the bad, the UgLy!]]....All reprobate-ish behavior is welcome, so Feel Free to Confess your Deepest, Darkest, Wildest QT secrets!


Ps. I have one last exam before summer, so I hope to come back and see that hilarity and chaos has ensued.

Be Blessed in your endeavors,

(The Self-Proclaimed-Sounis Matchmaker/SounisTwitter manager)

EDIT: You are are awesome, keep the secrets pouring in! Sylvester showed up after his long disappearance! Keep it going, who knows what sort of special guests might just show up these days! ;-)

-Your secret Keeper, El

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Okay, I have nothing better to do nowadays, (actually I do, but shh), so here is some crack. I stole some of the questions from ninedaysaqueen, so I am sorry!

Random Ranting of a Rambler )

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Today my mother looked at me and asked, "So, what charms would you use to make a necklace for Megan's books?"

This is what we came up with: hand, hook, sword, bee, horse, ship, cup, ruby, tumbled rock (H's G), anything sufficiently Greek-looking...

Further thoughts?
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