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Welcome back to the community read-along of all the books (so far!). This week, we’re starting A Conspiracy of Kings, reading from the start of the Prologue “The king of Attolia was passing....” to the end of Chapter 12 “...You came in. And you laughed.” Thirteen chapters sounds like a lot, but some of them are actually very short, so please keep reading and don’t panic!

These discussions are spoiler-free for the new short stories The Wine Shop and The Knife Dance, as well as for the ARC Thick As Thieves. If you have any comments on these in relation to ACoK, please write them down or tell them to the cat, so you’ll remember them to share with everyone else in Less Than A Month’s Time!!! :D

Obviously, there will be spoilers for the four extant books, so if you’re very very new to this fandom, I echo the Queen of Attolia: Go Away – and finish reading all four books!

Do not expand the cut unless you are prepared to madly fangirl/over-analyse ACoK and the rest of the series )
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Section notes - from "The long summer's day was ending" to "He is an Annux, a king of kings."

In today's post, I'm going to pose two questions about all the chapters, and then a unique question for each chapter. I will then answer each of the questions with my own answers, and hope they're interesting enough to provoke discussion!

Questions for all four chapters:

1) What is accomplished in this chapter? (Could also be phrased, "Why does this chapter exist?")

2) If the chapters had titles, what would you call this chapter?

Individual chapter questions:

11: Is Barond Erondites an effective villain?

12: How has Irene changed since The Queen of Attolia?

13: Is the duel effective as a narrative/scene?

14: Is the reaction of the guard to Gen plausible?

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Welcome to April, the month before the month of Thick as Thieves! This week, we’re reading from “The stool hit the wall with a satisfying crash” to “Costis returned to his room, freed himself of belt and breastplate, and fell, otherwise fully dressed, onto his bed.” As always, these discussions are spoiler free for “The Wine Shop,”The Knife Dance,” and the Thick as Thieves arc, but we WILL probably discuss content from all four published books. Page numbers are from the 2006 paperback.

The discussion for the first five chapters is here. Next week, led by [livejournal.com profile] ibmiller , we will finish the book!

What could possibly happen in a five-chapter chunk that begins and ends in Costis’s room? EVERYTHING.

Summaries and assorted questions )

I'd like to take a moment in this post to acknowledge and remember [livejournal.com profile] philia_fan, whose username came from Chapter Eight. Philia meant a lot to many of us here, and it was very sad to lose her when she passed away five years ago. Her insight shaped my readings of these books as much as her thoughtfulness shaped my experience of this community. So, so, so, shoutout to Philia. <3
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Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ninedaysaqueen for organizing this!

This is the third discussion for Queen of Attolia. The first section is here, and the second is here.

These discussions are spoiler free for the new short stories, “The Wine Shop” and “The Knife Dance,” as well as the Thick as Thieves arc.

There will be spoilers for books 1-4, so if you haven’t read all the published books yet, proceed with caution.

Next week is a break week with a chat on March 19th.


I'm going to structure this a little differently, with a very brief (and irreverent) summary under the cut and discussion topics in comments to this post. If you want to start new comment threads with completely different topics, please do!

Section three runs from Chapter 15, which begins "Attolia turned to look at him, where he kneeled watching her face," and Chapter 21, which ends, "And she believed him."

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If you haven't already, check out last week's discussion of QoA Section One (chapters 1-8) lead by [livejournal.com profile] ninedaysaqueen.

This week we’re reading from the beginning of Chapter 9, "The hunting retreat was a summer home..." through the end of Chapter 14, "...and ran back down the rampart stairs even faster than he had climbed them."

Chapters 9-14 of The Queen of Attolia
These discussions are spoiler free for the new short stories, “The Wine Shop” and “The Knife Dance,” as well as the “Thick as Thieves” arc.

There will be spoilers for books 1-4, so if you haven’t read all the published books yet, proceed with caution.

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"My Queen?"
"Only for that."

Next week we will continue with QoA chapters 15-21 lead by [livejournal.com profile] pendrecarc!
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This week we’re reading from, “He was asleep, but woke at the sound of the key turning in the lock.” To “‘He sighed inwardly.”

Chapters 1-8 of QoA.
These discussions are spoiler free for the new short stories, “The Wine Shop” and “The Knife Dance,” as well as the “Thick as Thieves” arc.

There may be spoilers for books 1-4, so if you haven’t read all the published books yet, proceed with caution.
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Hey, everyone! Lady Jane and I have beek kicking (see icon) around ideas to keep the activity on [livejournal.com profile] sounis going, while doing all we can to spread the love of the Queen's Thief books all over social media. We think cross-posting news and media is the way to go, since there are so many platforms out there used by so many different people. Although a few years ago everyone was using just a few sites, it seems like now there are lots of different favorites.

[livejournal.com profile] dannybailey has come up with some great ideas--more to come from her (hopefully) later. In the meantime, if you are a Tumblr user, please follow our QT-related blogs:



I know lots of you have Tumblr accounts. Please feel free to cross post any Tumblr QT news/fanart here on LJ, or cross post any of our insanity on your own Tumblr pages. And if you leave a comment with your Tumblr site, we'll follow you, too.

If you all have other ideas about how to use other platforms to talk about the books, we'd love to hear them.
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The one in which...

We speculate about Kamet.

We pass around some British scones with jam.

We discuss the geography of a fictional universe for some reason.

Checker's is an evil librarian.

We are reprobates being reprobatish for thirty-six pages of chat log.

A PSA for all reprobates: as we discussed during the chat, reprobate wranglers the mods, [livejournal.com profile] checkers65477 and I, are now on Tumblr. We will be crossposting things from Sounis to help the community and Megan promote the new book

Follow us if you're on Tumblr!

Checker's Eddis, Sounis, Attolia

Lady Jane

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I recently toured the Pompeii exhibit in Kansas City and had a great time. One thing which was fascinating was the information on how a hypocaust works. I also took some pictures which i thought you all may enjoy. The items on display were authentic, not replicas. The exhibit had TONS of artifacts, in excellent condition. There was also a room depicting what the volcano eruption would have looked like, and showed how long it took. The entire time I was in that room I was thinking about Eugenides's vision in QOA. Pretty terrifying stuff. The final room in the exhibit included the famous figures of the people who died in Pompeii. It felt kind of irreverent to take pictures of them, but you can Google them if you are interested.

See photos here! )
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When your favorite series doesn't have any merchandise to hoard...

My UK editions arrived in the mail today. At last, I have them all! For now...

Well, my Saturday's pretty well planned out, meaning I'm likely to just stand in front of my bookshelves, admiring this collection for hours.

Less than 200 days to go before we can get our hands on the next book!
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I've been thinking about tragedies and happy endings as it relates to main characters. I like happy endings, but I'm willing to go through the tragedy in the middle of a story with a character.

There was a discussion here about the difference between middle grade and YA, about how a middle grade character watches a friend go through the dark night of the soul, while in YA it's the main character going through this. But something that has bothered me about a lot of modern stories is the high body count of side characters for shock value, where the really, really awful stuff happens to other people, and our characters are the slightly luckier ones.
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(While we’re all waiting for the HGE to open...)

Following on from canonisrelative’s post about The Thief being 20 on 1st October this year, how does anyone fancy going about having a party for the occasion?

My initial idea was that we could all bake a cake including at least one ingredient mentioned in the books. A quick flick through has shown these to be:
goat’s milk
cream cheese
dried fruit
bread (bread-and-butter pudding, I suppose?)
excluding, of course, the unbakeables like wine and olives and celery...

If anyone would care to add to this, please do!

So, should we all just bake, and then have a grand photo posting? If so:
And do we post recipe suggestions before hand?

Furthermore, any ideas for regional gatherings to eat cake? (I’m out of this one, because I really do live up a mountain with a bunch of goats)

And how are we going to get MWT to drop by and, as canonisrelative said, Not Tell Us Anything!

Of course, if no-one else wants to take this seriously, I will just eat all the cake myself don’t mind :)

Suggestions, everyone?
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So, I was watching some book reccomendation videos on YouTube, and after wading through several videos I had a thought. Why don't I look for people who will recommend the QT series, and see what else they also recommend, since they are obvs my kind of peeps. Anyway, one interesting video I found was this one (link below.) I will also copy/paste the list of books she recs. Anyone else read these? What do you think of them? If you have not read them, which ones catch your fancy?


7. Golden Son by Pierce Brown
6. P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han
5. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
4. The Queen's Thief by Megan Whalen Turner
3. The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North
2. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
1. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

As for myself, so many people commented on the Raven Cycle series that I will pick up a copy at my library and see what the fuss is about.
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I know a lot of Sounisians are fans of author Elizabeth Wein. In fact, this is where I got the recommendation for her Arthurian novel The Winter Prince. Prior to that, I'd only read her WWII novel, Code Name Verity. I don't know why it took me so long to discover The Winter Prince and its companion novels, but once I got started, I read all 5 books in a month, and they're now firmly placed alongside my favorite Rosemary Sutcliff and Stephen Lawhead novels of a similar vein. In fact, I just reread The Winter Prince and it made me cry. :') Well, thank you to all the good people here who kept on reminding me to read it. I was going to save my praises until the next While She Knits, but then I was over at Chachic's Book Nook blog (another Sounisian, huzzah!) and saw her post about a 6th book (called The Sword Dance) in this series. (For those familiar with the books, it's about Telemakos!) Tragically, it remains unpublished. It seems all we can do to encourage a publisher to deliver it into our anxious little hands is to continue to show interest in the series by purchasing the previous books, all of which are still available as ebooks! Since it's been quiet on Sounis of late, I thought I'd just spread the word. Check out Chachic's post for a message from Elizabeth Wein and for more information about the books and where you can find them!
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After years of watching my eyes turn into hearts at the mention of The Queen's Thief series, my friends have decided to read the books for themselves. We've decided to do a readalong starting in March. One month per book.

Some of us (okay, I) have read the books forward and backwards; others are completely new to the world. I'd love for you to join us, and maybe if you've got a hold-out family member or friend this might convince them to meet Gen?

The formal announcement post is here: https://thebookwars.wordpress.com/2016/02/11/announcing-the-queens-thief-readalong/

Anyway, I hope to hear your voices in the discussions, and also hope to send a few people this way to join Sounis once they've fallen for Gen et al.
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MWT's books do wonders on the imagination. By leaving some details out for the reader to fill in, a vast world can be constructed without overloading the reader with too much information. Unfortunately, sometimes readers can end up imagining things that end up being quite different from what they actually end up being, especially when more details emerge as the books go along. The reader must then readjust their imagination in accordance...

My face-palm moments... )

What was your "oh, that wasn't quite what I had imagined" moment? :)
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A couple weeks Megan had this on her Tumblr page and said it was ok to repost it here.  Thoughts? Ideas? How about an old fashioned discussion?

From MWT:

I don’t think I can say anything about Diversity that hasn’t already been said better by people like the late Walter Dean Myers, Erika L. Sánchez, Cindy Pon, Malindo Lo and the many voices at We Need Diverse Books.

I’d like to say something, though, about Discovery.  It’s my particular hobby horse and I could talk about it forever, (and I am about to, sorry) which is probably why I don’t get invited out much, now that I think of it.


When a Librarian suggests a book to a patron, it’s Reader’s Advisory.  When we go looking for ourselves, it’s called Discovery.  Reader’s Advisory is the bomb, and I still think that best way to get something new to read is to have someone who knows what you like do all the work of finding books and then recommend them to you.  But it’s a bad method of Discovery.

I think we have to invent new, better, methods of Discovery if we want to increase Diversity.  I think we have to change our business model for selling books.

The current business model for books is – hunt for the Best Seller that will make profits that in turn carry other less successful books. So– the majority of every list will always be books that the publishers have selected as potential bestsellers.  They need to hit the jackpot from time to time in order to keep their bottom line in the black and that means they need to buy a lot of tickets for the lottery.  They make ARCs and hope their ARC will be the one out of five or six or thirty that a reviewer reads.  They hope that the reviewer will write an eye-catching review that will beget more and more readers and reviews and buzz for that book will rise in a self-feeding cycle.   Other ARCs fade into the background until everyone online is talking about Harry Potter or Eleanor and Park or Dumplin’ and there’s one book you can pretty much guarantee will be faced out in every single Barnes and Noble you go into.

Forgive me if I use the word wrong because I didn’t study this in school, but I think the word for this is normative.  Walter Dean Myers wanted it to be -normal- to see a story about an African American on the NYT Bestseller list.  That is a goal worth reaching.  On the other hand, I still hate this system because it leaves so many other books almost invisible.

Old books for example (another favorite topic of mine, sorry).  Books drop off the radar so fast, books with minority characters or issues, even faster. A library can build up a lot of books over time on diverse topics and they will still be invisible on the shelves.  And there will always be more different kinds of people and stories than can fit on a list ten books long.  Even if you have two lists.  Or six, if most of the stuff overlaps.

Goodreads and Tumblr and even WNDB work best when people devote a significant amount of time to learning about books they don’t want to read in order to see the few that they think do.  Those are your sophisticated Discoverers.  We need a means for the unsophisticated. The young, the disenfranchised, the occasional reader.

Reader’s Advisory is the bomb, and Librarians are the best.  But too many people don’t have a librarian.  We need systems that work for them.

There was an exchange a few months back on Holly Black’s Tumblr.  I’d be a hypocrite not to confess some sympathy for a person who wants the world to crowdsource diverse books and put them on the NYT Bestseller list for easy pickings.   But I don’t think trying to get our own favorite thing into a NYT Best seller is the best goal.  Not when pushing something else off the list means pushing it off a cliff.

I think we have to create a way to make finding books easier. I think we have to break loose from the Normative Best Sellers and set our sights on smaller sales as a sign of greater diversity. If it were easier for people to find the books they want, it would be cheaper and more profitable for publishers to deliver those books to them.

Kameron Hurley recently wrote the average book sells 3,000 copies in its lifetime.  These are the books that best sellers support. I am pretty sure that publishers could make money on 3,000 books if they knew exactly how many books to publish and if they knew they could get those books into the hands of the people who wanted to read them without spending a blockbuster’s budget on advertising.

I’d like Cindy Pon’s Serpentine to be a mainstream bestseller, but honestly it’s more important to me (Sorry, Cindy!) that that one kid in New England who needs to read it is able to find it.  If that kid’s life were better for reading Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush, by Virginia Hamilton, I want them to be able to find it.  Easily. When there are hundreds of thousands of invisible e-books in my public library, I want kids to be able to pick their way through some prompts and come up with a personalized list of great stuff to read–things they could have picked for themselves, things they never knew they’d like until they saw the synopsis on the screen, old stuff, new stuff, safe stuff, powerful stuff.  I want them to be able to connect safely with people like them in other communities so they can share recommendations. I’d like moms or dads who aren’t readers themselves to be able to pick out ten or twelve likely books for their fourth graders.

So, please, if you are a librarian, or a Library School, or an IT person with a computer in the garage, please try to come up with better ways to Discover books.  Because I’m very lazy.  And I’d like you to do the work for me.  Thanks.
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Great question from an Anon someone, regarding the Queen's Thief book covers and how they differ from the actual description of the characters:

I just closed the last page of ACoK after (another) full retread of the series- so that's what I've been reading! And I've found myself here because I haven't been able to find a discussion on how the covers for the books have been whitewashed, and it's something that's been nagging at me! Is there links anyone could point me too, or fan art of Gen that is closer the MWT's description?

In all the books, Gen is described as having "dark skin."  How do you picture the characters in the books? Do you think the book covers do the characters justice? Were they made "whiter" in order to appeal to the broadest audience? What's your take on these links that talk about the lack of diverse characters in YA lit/fantasy/sci fi?

Post your comments here, and take a minute to read this great article by Deirdre Baker: Horn Book Article: Musings on Diverse Worlds

And this article on "whitewashed" covers of YA books

Also, from [livejournal.com profile] sounis :
Discussion of Eugenides as a Nonwhite Hero

Concept Art for ACoK
Artist Vince Natale's drawings for the book covers

On a lighter note, there was a great deal of discussion about the cover of ACoK, just before it was published. The ARC had a mustached Sophos on the cover, which was changed more than once. Check out these discussions as the changes to our buffed-up Sophos were made:
Facial Hair!Sophos
A Conspiracy of Artists
Life At Greenwillow

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I don't know how many of y'all follow her LJ, but Jo Walton's poetry in general is excellent. This one might be of particular interest to some of you.


TV time

May. 3rd, 2015 04:36 pm
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It's way too quiet around here as Meghan posts pictures of her coffee and shares pictures of birds on Tumblr instead of writing ......

So I bring another while she knits (which could also be called while she plays with technology).

Most of us are probably considered slightly nerdy - and some of our TV choices reflect that - I spend a lot of time watching TV oldies reruns and Masterpiece Classics. So my question is what TV shows and movies are out there that we Sounisians enjoy?


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