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"That waistband doesn't go with that coat," said the queen.

"As you have already noted, I was late." Eugenides bent his head to look at his waist. His coat was yellow, and so was the waistband, but the shades were not the same. "My attendants have triumphed this morning in their quest to make me look foolish. [...] No doubt in time their taste will improve."

"Perhaps if you did not order your clothes in colors that would suit a canary?"

(Would you believe that, prior to today, I'd never eaten a peep before?! The things I'll do to win an ARC of Thick as Thieves...)
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1. The Evacuation of Eddis:

2. Spoiler-free chat:

3. Remember the Eddisian military ponies in their winter coats?
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Megan has parked all the entries for the Win An ARC With Legos! contest in one place here. Take a look. And it's not too late to enter--you have until March 15. Go and find some legos to play with. 
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I think sometime in the last chat I might have promised you all a Romantic!Magus story for Valentines Day?
Not Telling anything, but here you are!
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If anyone ever wonders what a filk con is like, check this playlist out for yourself. You can definitely see why Judi won the Pegasus award for Best Performer, though!

I've not checked all the videos, but if they show the bottom of the microphones, the small recorder on the front of the stage is mine. I'm the one in the first or second row, savoring the goodies.

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Checkers told me it was OK to be greedy in this instance, while an_english_girl suggested the reverse-psychology of the title (and it struck me as a method Gen himself might employ to achieve his desired ends)...
So without further ado: Why I should [not] have an ARC!
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To see which of my predictions for major plot developments in Thick As Thieves actually comes true.

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My daughter is re-reading ACoK, and ran across this hilarious image, which I don't remember noticing before. It's on p.155, when Eddis is about to tell Sophos the story of Polystrictes. Sophos turns back to look at the Magus, who is described as "far behind them, walking with one of Eddis's attendants on one arm and one of Attolia's on the other."

Glad to see the Magus is enjoying himself! And I have to wonder if the Attolian attendant is the romantic but foolish Chloe? (since we see in KoA that she is an attendant again). Anyway, the image of the Magus strolling along arm in arm with the ladies (of both courts, no less) has been making me laugh all day.
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After many years of talking about this story, I finally found it online. It's very short; wherever one stands on the discussion spectrum, this is a fun story to read. Given how many creative artists I follow are having tax woes this week, it's especially timely.

If they implemented this, I don't know if it'd work or not, but it'd sure be fun to see them try. It's by Jack C. Haldeman II.

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Because the [livejournal.com profile] filkferengi just had to share the love. Note: all of these albums are on bandcamp, which means you can listen to the whole thing for free before buying, if you want to. [If you run the cursor over the song title, a link to lyrics frequently appears on the right.]

Amanda Palmer did an album with her dad. The whole album's $1.

The PDX Broadsides have a new album. These folks are funny!

Emily Holbert also has some good stuff. This album includes her recording of her own song "The Maiden And The Selkie" which was so gorgeously covered by Heather Dale [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGT5lBve_v4 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om8LzIcFmbA - with lyrics]


Now, *that*'s a message we can all approve of!

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In 2009 I got a new license plate for my car.

no title

Here's how it looks today:

I feel like this illustrates it perfectly.

Also...it only took seven years and changing career paths to work in a library, but someone FINALLY recognized these and said, "Hey, is that from 'The Thief'?" They were probably quite started from my response, which was to throw my arms wide and my head back, shouting, "FINALLLYYYY!!!!"

Also...perhaps it's time to order replacement plates.
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Saddle up with Sir Patrick in the best infomercial ever! Also, it's for a good cause. We just wish the rest of the ad were real.

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Steve Brust says it's all Emma Bull's fault.
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Is this where mwt gets some of her ideas, do you suppose?


Tee hee hee.
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Back in July, I went to Confluence & saw far too many concerts. Just in case anyone's wondering why I continue to subject myself to such excellence, here's part of why, the video of the music guest of honor:


The signer & guest musicians are good, & the goh herself isn't too bad, either!


This was just what I needed to transition from that post-housefilk euphoria. Folks drove in from South Carolina & Mississippi, & there was protracted skyping with the crowd from Denver. Fun!
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Some of his best are here:


Tee hee hee.
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I found this picture of Sophos!

(source: mybunnny.tumblr(dot)com)


Mar. 24th, 2015 01:49 pm
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Excerpt from CoK:

Sounis turned to the magus. "Did you know?"

"That he was relentless?" The magus finished his question. "Yes. That he had this in mind, no. I did not realize that he disliked the ambassador so much."

"Melheret has a reputation as one of the best swordsmen in the Mede court," a soldier informed them, having overheard. "They say he trained the former ambassador, Nahuseresh."

"Ah," said the magus, understanding at once. "I see that he means to be prepared if he meets him again."

"Surely that's unlikely," said Sounis.

"I don't think unlikely means to him what it does to the rest of us," said the magus.

Sorry magus, I'm starting to agree with Sophos.

Let's do some math, folks!
The Thief 1996
Five years later: QoA 2001
Five years later: KoA 2006
Four years later: CoK 2010

As of yesterday, it has been five years since CoK was released. I think we're due.

Yet, no news. Interviews from MWT have dwindled. Sounis has grown quiet. The majority of posts by its members tend to be about other fandoms, or asking for reading suggestions.  Because we have NOTHING to read.

Will Eugenides ever get his revenge? #watchoutpointybeard #swordskillz

Will the Eddisians escape the sacred mountain in time? #ohnolava #zipcodechange

Will we ever find out why the woman in the kitchen still includes sand in certain recipes?  #what'swrongwiththegravy #i'mnothungry

Is the poor elephant doomed to wait ten years before he is stolen from a nameless intimidator? #impatientpachyderm #omghowcanistealthat

Will I ever break this cycle of despair when I read those fatal words, "'You gave me the gun.' They both laughed." and realize I just finished the book, with nothing new in sight? #whatnow

I know, I know. Stop whining and go to bed.

This has been a pity party by puppeteergirl. #icandoanythingiwant #smashinginkpots

Proceed with your attempted encouragements or your commiserations below.


Mar. 10th, 2015 08:51 pm
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I went to a conference last week and the keynote speaker was great. He told us about Robert Ballard, the guy who found the wreck of the Titanic, and who later discovered the wrecks of ancient ships in the Black Sea.  Some were Byzantine era and some older, Iron Age.  But what was funny was that they found, in his words, many, many jugs of wine stored in, "the Tupperware of that time, the amphora."

Anyway, it made me smile.
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He starts about 11:30 into the recording. It's downloadable! Love it, squeeze it, take it home.

Happy Boxing Day!
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