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Happy Easter weekend, reprobates!

We're wrapping up the The King of Attolia re-read and discuss this week. If you haven't checked those out yet, follow the links below. Thanks to all the leads who have volunteered their time so far. Everyone's doing a great job!

KoA Section One
KoA Section Two
KoA Section Three

Just a reminder, there will be a chat in the Conspiracy Room this Sunday, April 16th at the following times. I'll post another reminder early Sunday. So after you've eaten Easter brunch with your family, stop in to chat with your fellow reprobates and finish up discussions of The King of Attolia.

5pm Pacific Time
6pm Mountain Time
7pm Central Time
8pm Eastern Time

If you're timezone does not appear here, check the World Clock.

There will be one more pre-release chat on May 14th at the same time. We'll have some chats after the release of the new book, but I haven't scheduled those as of yet. The read-along will resume with the A Cospiracy of Kings on April 23rd (Prologue + Chapters 1-12 lead by [livejournal.com profile] an_english_girl) and we'll be wrapping up the re-read the week Thick as Thieves comes out. (Only one more month!) For now, this coming week is the final break week and should give you some time to catch up on your reading if you've fallen behind.

Hope to see you at the chat! Easter is also the deadline to enter MWT's Queen Peeps Arc Contest.
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Section notes - from "The long summer's day was ending" to "He is an Annux, a king of kings."

In today's post, I'm going to pose two questions about all the chapters, and then a unique question for each chapter. I will then answer each of the questions with my own answers, and hope they're interesting enough to provoke discussion!

Questions for all four chapters:

1) What is accomplished in this chapter? (Could also be phrased, "Why does this chapter exist?")

2) If the chapters had titles, what would you call this chapter?

Individual chapter questions:

11: Is Barond Erondites an effective villain?

12: How has Irene changed since The Queen of Attolia?

13: Is the duel effective as a narrative/scene?

14: Is the reaction of the guard to Gen plausible?

My answers behind the cut! )
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Welcome to April, the month before the month of Thick as Thieves! This week, we’re reading from “The stool hit the wall with a satisfying crash” to “Costis returned to his room, freed himself of belt and breastplate, and fell, otherwise fully dressed, onto his bed.” As always, these discussions are spoiler free for “The Wine Shop,”The Knife Dance,” and the Thick as Thieves arc, but we WILL probably discuss content from all four published books. Page numbers are from the 2006 paperback.

The discussion for the first five chapters is here. Next week, led by [livejournal.com profile] ibmiller , we will finish the book!

What could possibly happen in a five-chapter chunk that begins and ends in Costis’s room? EVERYTHING.

Summaries and assorted questions )

I'd like to take a moment in this post to acknowledge and remember [livejournal.com profile] philia_fan, whose username came from Chapter Eight. Philia meant a lot to many of us here, and it was very sad to lose her when she passed away five years ago. Her insight shaped my readings of these books as much as her thoughtfulness shaped my experience of this community. So, so, so, shoutout to Philia. <3
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This week we’re reading from the beginning of the Prologue, "The queen waited..." through the end of Chapter 5, "...knowing himself entirely guilty of what the king had not condescended to assume him of."

Prologue + Chapters 1-5 of The King of Attolia
These discussions are spoiler free for the new short stories, “The Wine Shop” and “The Knife Dance,” as well as the “Thick as Thieves” arc.

There will be spoilers for books 1-4, so if you haven’t read all the published books yet, proceed with caution.

The prologue gives us four little snippets, each is Turner giving the reader hints about the main players in this book.

In the first Attolia waits for Attolis on their wedding night. We get a glimpse at the difficulty of their union, but also this: "Today she had yielded the sovereignty of her country to Eugenidies, who had given up everything he had ever hoped for, to be her king." And with that one line she reminds us that Eugenides never wanted to be king, as demonstrated in the final scene of Chapter 19 of QoA.

The second shows us Ornon's schadenfreude at the new king's "fetters". He seems almost sinister. In case you'd forgotten, Ornon almost succeeded in making Eugenides "safely dead" in Chapter 2 of QoA.

The third introduces us to Costis, a responsible guard whom the captain, Teleus, respects. They both believe the king to be "Attolia's most dangerous enemy." We find out later (Chapter 14) that Eugenides intended to "change the mind of the man next to {Teleus}." This is the first peek at their minds.

And the final tells us that Relius fears the king and wants to limit his powers. Which is ironic since the king doesn't want to rule and the king is the one who saves him from the queen's punishment.

Chapter 1 - Wait until your father gets home!
While Eugenedes and Costis wait for the Queen to come home from hunting to issue a punishment, we learn that Costis's best friend is Aristogiton called Aris and that Costic came from a land-owning (petronoi) farm family, but that Aris's family are landless okloi. We are introduced to Laecdomon (whom the king could do without) and Legarus the Awesomely Beautiful guard and Sejanus. We learn that the king is most unkingly in dress and manner and that he has not lost his ability to enrage people.

    "He said the only thing worse than being wrong in a family argument was being right."

    "You don't walk like a king, you don't stand like a king, you sit on the throne like...like a printer's apprentice in a wineshop."

Chapter 2 - Now you've done it!
The queen comes home, and the king neatly chains Costis to Teleus. Costis is volun-told to be the king's sparring partner, and Teleus agrees to start doing his job. When the king lets Costis see a glimpse of his real self, Costis thinks he's still dissembling.

    "Unkingly, in so many ways, My King. Not the least of which is listening to your guard tell you so."

    "A snake," repeated the queen.
    "A black one. A friendly one."

    "I didn't know, Your Majesty." It wasn't an excuse. It was an admission of failure.

    "Were you lying?"
    "I never lie," he said piously. "About what?"

Chapter 3 - Making your life miserable.
Teleus makes it clear that he expects better things from his men, even if he doesn't actually respect the king, and Costis skips his first sparring match (but not the second) and gets his first taste his new responsibilities. Aristogiton is pretty sure he delivered the note to release the hounds, the king continues to sneak about in his own palace (which no one realizes, even when they see him!), and Costis has not lost the respect of his fellow guards, which baffles him, and the king promotes him to lieutenant.

    "So, so, so," said Aris, "at least my honor will be intact."

    "Shall we begin with the first exercise?"

    "Your guard is low," Eugenides said calmly...

    "When breakfast was over, the king stepped around the table and bet to kiss his wife's cheek."

    "I was listening," the king said, aggrieved. "I closed my eyes to listen better."
    "What did you hear?"
    "I'm not sure," he said. "That's why I was listening so closely..."

    "Out on the steps, Costis stopped to look at the schedule. He stared at the sheet in consternation. The king hadn't needed to hang him; he would be dead of exhaustion within the month."

Chapter 4 - Keeping your life miserable.
Sejanus leads the pack in bullying the king, and the king picks on Costis in turn. Costis receives mysterious study guides. The king gets a lesson in wheat, makes a joke, and sits alone in his room.

    "Sejanus liked his jokes. Costis was growing tired of them."

    "Thank gods I didn't ask about fertilizer," he said.

Chapter 5 - Secrets.
This chapter is very long! Relius witnesses the king's reluctance to rule but misinterprets it. The king visits Artadorus in the middle of the night, and he, too, misinterprets it. Sejanus continues his quest to irritate the king, and the king does the same to Costis. Dite writes a song about the King's Wedding Night, the king loses his temper over it, and Costis earns a day off to recover.  Ornon is no longer pleased that the king is not. The undersecretary for provisions to the navy nearly takes a very short trip to meet Eugenides's cousins, the queen offers the king some wine, and the king requests a dance instead. Eugenides tells Dite that the queen cried on her wedding night, which makes Dite his friend. Costis tells the king he would never reveal confidential information, then does so with both the queen and Baron Susa, and the valet tells him what he overheard Sejanus and Baron Erondites discussing in the baths. The assistant to the Ambassador from Eddis maneuvers Eugenides into building a bridge. Relius is arrested.

    "Don't give up hope just because chances are slim."
    "For the assassination or the heir, Your Majesty?" asked Costis.

    "He wondered how the Attolians thought Eugenides had managed to become king if he was the idiot they assumed him to be. Perhaps because they had never seen him as the Thief, with his head thrown back and a glint in his eye that mad the hair on the back of a man's neck rise up... As a ten-year-old boy, the Thief of Eddis could stop a grown man in his tracks with a single look."

    "Don't be afraid. Before I stole Hamiathes's Gift out from under your nose, these were the only dances I knew."
    "I am not afraid," she said coldly."
    "Good," said the king. "Neither am I."

    "Spare me," said Attolia, "and my court, from dancing on the roof."
    "It probably only works in Eddis."

    "I would never stoop to revealing information I knew was private."
    "Not even if you don't like the person whose privacy you are protecting?"
    "Especially not then."

    "Costis walked on through the palace and down to the Guard's barracks, knowing himself entirely guilty of what the king had not condescended to accuse him of."

Closing thoughts:
If this book is Costis's Hero's Journey, Chapter 5 brings us to #6 TESTS, ALLIES AND ENEMIES. Everyone is being positioned for the main action. Relius's arrest is less important than his absolution later on. Costis is still only beginning to empathize with Eugenides, who is actively avoiding being the king. He would still much rather be the queen's husband and Thief.

Next week we will continue with KoA chapters 6-10 lead by [livejournal.com profile] agh_4!
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Thanks to everyone who's volunteered so far! With the deadline for sign-ups fast approaching (February 12th), I'm still in need of at least two more people to help lead discussions.

If you're unfamilar with the community wide re-read and discussion to celebrate the release of "Thick as Thieves" (starting February 26th and concluding May 14th), please read all about it HERE. We're starting with "The Queen of Attolia" having just done a read-along for "The Thief" in September. If you didn't get a chance to participate back in September, there's no time like the present!
Chapters 1-3 - Chapters 4-6 - Chapters 7-9 - Chapters 10-12.

These discussions will be spoiler free for "Thick as Thieves" as well as the new short stories, "Wine Shop" and "Knife Dance."

If you're just participating in the read-along, no sign-ups are required. Just bring your lovley reprobatish selves!

What does it mean to volunteer as a discussion lead and how do I sign up?
If you sign up, you will be responsible for opening discussions the start of your week, which will be a Sunday. It would be preferable if the opening post is up by Saturday (the day before your week starts), but the official due date is midnight on Sunday, the first day of your week. You're free to make your post as elborate as you like or keep it simply with just a few topics and observations to get things going. It would also be best if you’re available during your week to respond to comments and foster discussion, but that’s not absolutely necessary.

Sign up by emailing me at ninedaysaqueenmod@gmail.com or comment if you have any questions. Please, title your email QT read-along.

I will need-
Your Livejournal username.
Which section or book you’d prefer. (This helps me make decisions.)
If there are any sections you absolutely cannot take because of a RL scheduling conflict.
Whether or not you’d like to be a pinch-hitter, if someone cannot get their post done on time.

The deadline to sign-up is this Sunday, February 12th. Official assignments along with further instructions will be emailed to all volunteers the following Monday or Tuesday. This should give everyone plenty of time to prepare thier post.

Please, consider signing up if you have any time to spare during these weeks. PLEAAASSSEE!

Spread the word about the read-along!

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I love the song Hallelujah and especially like the Rufus Wainwright version. The lyrics have always reminded me a bit of Gen.  A Rufus Wainwright song came on my phone's mix today and I glanced at the album cover and look at what I noticed:

Things that make you go Hmmm... )

(Ok, I flipped Rufus' picture and WHERE IS YOUR SWORD but still. Oh, and your wife's hand. Where is that?)
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Back in September, we re-read “The Thief” as a celebration of its twentieth anniversary and held weekly discussions in order to once again carefully dissect each and every sentence. You have no idea the details you can miss till you’ve gone over the text with a microscope!

Check those out if you missed them.

Since “Thick as Thieves” was announced, I've been plotting to continue the re-read with “The Queen of Attolia" and the other two books. I’m guessing, like me, many of you are due for a re-read, and it’s a lot more fun to re-read together.

Read more... )

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Okay, owing to the fact that I haven't drawn for years, this is a bit last minute, but here I am!

Dear Megan,

I should NOT have an ARC.

1. I've only been waiting for less than two years :)

2. Owing to the joys of time zones, I will be getting my copy of Thick as Thieves at least five hours before the rest of the reprobates. Which will (Please note, reprobates!) be plenty of time for me to read it and get on here to gloat at the rest of them ;P

Therefore, I don't need the ARC. Please, pick someone else instead. But this doesn't mean I'm going to pass up on the fun of doing clunky art ;) So, as a sort of thank you...

1. Landscape.

My very favourite of all the stories of the Gods!

2. Other Art.

Thank you! I had great fun doing these!

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After years of watching my eyes turn into hearts at the mention of The Queen's Thief series, my friends have decided to read the books for themselves. We've decided to do a readalong starting in March. One month per book.

Some of us (okay, I) have read the books forward and backwards; others are completely new to the world. I'd love for you to join us, and maybe if you've got a hold-out family member or friend this might convince them to meet Gen?

The formal announcement post is here: https://thebookwars.wordpress.com/2016/02/11/announcing-the-queens-thief-readalong/

Anyway, I hope to hear your voices in the discussions, and also hope to send a few people this way to join Sounis once they've fallen for Gen et al.


Apr. 2nd, 2015 01:34 pm
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So I remember a while back someone made a really nice, detailed post about the ages of the characters. It went along the lines of Eugenides was 16 when the events of The Thief occurred, which made Eddis Helen 21, and Attolia Irene would be a couple years older (probably). I assume that there's a gap between TT and TQOA of maybe a year or so, because Eugenides is a little more mature, even before he got his hand cut off.

ANYWAY, I was reading a passage from TQOA earlier, and it said:
"For two years he had been trying to build his defenses against her..."
Two years. Does that refer to the beginning of TQOA? After all that would make sense, considering how much they talked about the harvest in the differing seasons.

So that would mean that the events so far took place like so:
The Thief: a month or two (don't have my copy on hand, I lent it out. Yay!)
intermission of about a year
The Queen of Attolia: happened over two and a half years
The King of Attolia: took 3 or more months
Because of the part where Irene and Gen are talking about how he promised her the fall of Erondites in six months, but achieved it in 98 days.
As for TCOK, we know that the first half of Sophos's story happened during TKOA, and I think the latter half would probably happen directly after TKOA. Again, I lent my copy :(

But I honestly haven't done more than a little research, and this is really just to find out how you all feel about the timeline and such. Also, does anyone know where the names of Eddis, Attolia, and Sounis came from? All the names MWT uses are really interesting and I know there are often meanings to her selection (because she's awesome like that).
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I had so much fun during the character chat, that I thought it was worth it to pay ten bucks in order to save the full transcript. I do think it's a pretty sneaky way for Chatzy to get money. Honestly, it is better than ads though. Can you imagine being forced to watch a commercial for toilet paper before you are allowed to enter the chat room? Bleh.

Anyway, Livejournal won't let me paste the chat directly into this post, saying that it is too large. So I made a google doc and changed the settings so that anyone can see it, google doc users or not. Let me know if you can't access the link. There is a fun surprise ending (some of you are already aware of it though.)


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At the beginning of Costis' first interview with Eugenides, he is reminded by the king's neat flip of cups into the air that not only did he attack the king whom he swore to defend, but he punched a man who was not capable of punching back:
Read more... )


Mar. 24th, 2015 01:49 pm
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Excerpt from CoK:

Sounis turned to the magus. "Did you know?"

"That he was relentless?" The magus finished his question. "Yes. That he had this in mind, no. I did not realize that he disliked the ambassador so much."

"Melheret has a reputation as one of the best swordsmen in the Mede court," a soldier informed them, having overheard. "They say he trained the former ambassador, Nahuseresh."

"Ah," said the magus, understanding at once. "I see that he means to be prepared if he meets him again."

"Surely that's unlikely," said Sounis.

"I don't think unlikely means to him what it does to the rest of us," said the magus.

Sorry magus, I'm starting to agree with Sophos.

Let's do some math, folks!
The Thief 1996
Five years later: QoA 2001
Five years later: KoA 2006
Four years later: CoK 2010

As of yesterday, it has been five years since CoK was released. I think we're due.

Yet, no news. Interviews from MWT have dwindled. Sounis has grown quiet. The majority of posts by its members tend to be about other fandoms, or asking for reading suggestions.  Because we have NOTHING to read.

Will Eugenides ever get his revenge? #watchoutpointybeard #swordskillz

Will the Eddisians escape the sacred mountain in time? #ohnolava #zipcodechange

Will we ever find out why the woman in the kitchen still includes sand in certain recipes?  #what'swrongwiththegravy #i'mnothungry

Is the poor elephant doomed to wait ten years before he is stolen from a nameless intimidator? #impatientpachyderm #omghowcanistealthat

Will I ever break this cycle of despair when I read those fatal words, "'You gave me the gun.' They both laughed." and realize I just finished the book, with nothing new in sight? #whatnow

I know, I know. Stop whining and go to bed.

This has been a pity party by puppeteergirl. #icandoanythingiwant #smashinginkpots

Proceed with your attempted encouragements or your commiserations below.
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I just have to share this with someone who will appreciate it. I'm currently listening to Sailing to Sarantium by Guy Gavriel Kay and two of the characters remind me sooooo much of Gen and Attolia—the Emperor and Emperess. They have a way of being so far ahead of everyone else and seeming to share secrets that only they are previ to, also the way they make bets with eachother. I am so reminded of what we see Gen and Attolia's relationship in KoA through Costis's eyes and then in ACoK. I highly recomend Guy Gavriel Kay, he's a Canadian author who writes mostly historical fantasy.


Jan. 18th, 2015 09:06 am
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A few people told me that when MWT wrote The King of Attolia it was twice the size it is now. The publishers decided it was too long, and had her trim it down to what we have now. So. Has anyone else heard this? It may be just a rumor, but who knows...
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"No one was going to start a war over me, and I could be tremendously useful...." Thief, chapter 11.

"'You started a war in my name without telling me?' he asked." Queen, 7.


"'I thought that if I went away to study, I could come back in a few years and be...useful.'" Queen, 6.

"He...made no sound, only breathed in sharply and didn't let the breath go." Queen, 3.

"...The king took a deeper breath and didn't let it go." King, 8.*

"He warned me that if I set a foot on the floor, he'd cut it off. I said that I thought the followers of Asklepios took an oath to do harm to no one. He said he'd make an exception for me." Thief, 12.

"'Do you imagine I am going to pour a cup of lethium down your throat and let you go?' Galen asked finally.
'I'd appreciate it,' Eugenides said.
'I took an oath to heal people.'" Queen, 4.

What are some of your favorite book-to-book comparisons?

*I have a theory that this comparison is why Irene faints in that scene. It brings up...unpleasant memories.
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In a moment of weakness *, I pulled out my copy of KoA and was reading the part where Costis and Teleus come storming into the garden as the assassins attack Eugenides.  I read through to the end of chapter 8, where Gen finally allows Petrus the Timid to get on with his stitches.  And something occured to me.

Ok, actually I was driving to work the next day when the (very small and probably energy-saving; you know, the kind that you can hardly even read by) light bulb came on over my head.

  • Gen is a master manipulator.  He's usually several steps ahead of everyone and, although he can be extremely impulsive, seldom does anything without a Really Good Reason.  Sometimes the reason is just to annoy, but often it's to keep himself out of trouble.

  • Just after he's injured, he says he's going back to the palace to make his "groveling apologies to the queen."  He must have promised her he'd be super-careful and, in his attempt to find some peace and quiet, he didn't have the gardens searched.  Anyway, he sounds as if he's worried that she's going to be angry.  Maybe even Attolia Angry.

  • We all know how Gen often reacts, physically, to Irene's presence.  She touches his cheek, he flinches. She cups his chin, he gulps. When Gen is back in the palace and Irene rushes in, he doesn't even look up. But he must have heard her coming. She touches him and he leaps back like a startled deer.

  • She feels guilty, per usual.

  • He kisses her and she doesn't seem angry, only concerned and upset.

Do you think, just maybe, he exaggerated his surprise at her touch, just to get a little sympathy and divert her anger?  Or is that beyond even the sneakiness of Gen?  After all, he did have a lot on his mind, poor guy.

*I've been trying really, really hard NOT to reread the books.  "Self," I've said to myself, "you have to stop reading them for awhile or you'll have them all memorized and they won't be fun and you'll wear them out and won't want to read them anymore.  So just stop."  But I don't always listen to myself.  Does this happen to you?  Have you ever worn out a book you loved? 
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And drawing fanart from KoA while I'm awake!

(I got a wacom tablet for my birthday btw, so I'm teaching myself how to use it by drawing QT fanart :D)


May. 20th, 2014 09:01 pm
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Megan posted this on her Tumblr, and it was sqee-worthy enough to link to.  Hand written notes!  For King of Attolia! Costis and Gen on the castle roof!

Maybe there is still hope for the wedding night scene those "deleted scenes" we've been crying for all these years. :)


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