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Here are links to more professional reviews of Thick as Thieves--all are excellent, and all but one (Kirkus, but they are notoriously tough) are starred reviews.

Be aware there are LOTS of spoilers in these reviews! Maybe wait to read them after you've read the book.

Which comes out in TWENTY SIX DAYS.

Publisher's Weekly



Horn Book (they don't post the actual reviews online, generally, but this page mentions the starred review)

Congrats, Megan!
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“I could run away and make myself a free man.”
“Oh, I’d find you.”
-The Queen of Attolia

I asked our authoress if it was okay for me to write a spoiler free review, and she gleefully gave me permission to “torture” you all! Thank you so much, Megan! XD

Now, for the real trick… How to review a QT book without giving anything away. This is a no spoiler review as it says on the tin. I’m sworn to secrecy.

However, I will be talking openly about the information revealed in the summaries published online (I have to have something to work with), so if you don’t want to know even that about the new book, beware of small spoilers. I wrote this to be as general as possible and nothing specific is revealed.

We're Thick as Thieves )

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Cross-posting this from Tumblr. A great review from someone who recently read The Thief. See the original post here: http://lazybarbarians.tumblr.com/post/156852883847/the-thief-by-megan-whalen-turner

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] sounistumblr at The Thief, by Megan Whalen Turner


Kalinara: So it was my turn to pick the book again, and I decided to step away from Star Wars for a bit. I did however keep things in the Young Adult field by choosing The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner.

The Thief is one of those books that is very hard to review, because it’s very easy to say too much about this very simple story. Fortunately, we have a cut tag.

Read more... )
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Here's a very cool thing that's happening, that'll affect lots of children:

These results are jaw-dropping for less than 3 days...


In the video, Levar Burton talks about doing new videos with new books. Wouldn't it rock [& knit] socks, if some of mwt's books got covered & discovered?
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Y'all know how much I enjoy it when authors enjoy each other's work. Over on the Bujold list, Lois just posted a link to some of her book reviews over on Goodreads. In addition to A Certain Author, lots of other authors popular hereabouts come in for sagacious appreciation. Since good things [and, apparently, good reads ;)] are made to be shared, here y'all go:

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A Bujold listie posted her first story here:


It's set during Hurricane Sandy, but the leads are fannish, so there're lots of Bujold & Pratchett moments. It's so immediately immersive, I read the whole thing while in the middle of rereading a Jennifer Crusie novel. There're family, friends, loyalty, and a tinge of O. Henry-ish magic. It's in chapters for easy reading, & I recommend it gleefully, acquisitively, & other fun filkferengi things.

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Kirkus Reviews is online. I haven't looked at many of the recent reviews. The fun is that they have their old reviews online. And even more fun: you can post comments to them! (You have to have a Facebook account, unfortunately).


Search for your book, and if it doesn't come up (which it won't for the older books unless they've been reissued recently) then click on the Refine Results - Release Date - All link. Although their reviewers loved some of the books I do, they're really snippy about some that I also love. Here's your chance to argue with them!
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Hey all!

Just thought I'd let you know, I was invited by a blogger friend of mine to do a guest review on her site. Of course, what was the very first book I thought of? Well, Queen of Attolia, actually, but it seemed silly to review QoA without reviewing The Thief. So that's what I did!

Here's the link if you all want to see: Guest Post: "The Thief" by Megan Whalen Turner.

I figure the more attention the post gets, the better chance that we can indoctrinate others into MWT rabid fandom. Bwahahahaha!!!

Also, the blogger in question (Auggie) is awfully nice, and I'm sure she'd love a bump in her stats.


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Do you ever feel like you scraped the bottom of the book barrel, and you can't find anything new?  After finishing the Legend of Eli Monpress, we haven't been able to find anything Really good.  And we are in desperate need of those kind of books right now.  Our father is having surgery soon, and so we are looking for books that we can read in the waiting room.  Since we don't know how much brain power we'll have, we're not looking for anything to heavy. 
Here are some of the books we like:
QT (of course!! :)
Crown Duel by Sherwood Snith
Farsala Trilogy by Hilari Bell
Truth Series by Dawn Cook
Legend of Eli Monpress by Rachel Aaron

We don't like books that are too graphic (cue Eragon eye roll), or have excessive "content" (if you know what I mean ...)

We've seen a lot of books, and we might have overlooked some good ones, so please let us know what you like so much about them.  

Thank you,
Books, and Bookworm (the Book sisters)
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Hey people! I recently was required to write an essay on what I think makes good writing. I was supposed to take a scene from a movie or book or a poem or song and use it as an example of good writing. So I chose a scene from the KoA. It was really fun, and I thought some of you dear people might enjoy reading my thoughts.

I also created a few characters from the series on Azaleas Dress up Dolls website in the Tudors game, which can be played here: http://www.azaleasdolls.com/tudors2.html

My Tudors version of QT Characters )

Me Essay on Good Writing )

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ACOK made the book smugglers' "Most Excellent Books of 2010" list!


Scroll down to Ana's reviews.

So, going into the new year, what is at the top of your Most Excellent Books of 2010 list? If you had to pick just one...
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This one comes from the Library Journal.


And, my local library also names CoK as one of their favorite books this year.
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Excellent EXCELLENT discussion of ACoK, continued from a previous post on the School Library Journal Mock Newbery blog.  I heart Jonathan Hunt.  Seriously, I will *sounishuggle* him if I am fortunate enough to meet him one day.  He won't know What Hit Him.  I especially love this comment from Nina Lindsay:

"THE SHOT THAT MADE THE KING. I cheered like a teenage boy at an action movie. I don’t think any author has ever made me do that."

And from author Lisa Yee's recent blog post about the recent National Council of Teachers of English conference in Orlando.  MWT and Peepy.  Cute.
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I know, CoK has been out for months. But here's a new review:


So, what do you think? Could CoK be a jumping in point for this story?
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Inspired by the last link post, here's another interesting review of A Conspiracy of Kings, http://heidenkind.blogspot.com/2010/04/conspiracy-of-kings-by-megan-whalen.html, in which Eugenides takes over the world and the fourth book is apparently a giant cliffhanger. I totally missed the cliff during my reading, though. I mean, it felt like an in-between book, but I didn't feel dissatisfied with the ending, unlike the reviewer. While I agreed with the discussion of Sophos's character change, I was a bit confused by that part. What do you guys think, is ACoK incomplete?

(And is Gen taking over the world? *dun dun DUNNN*)


Jun. 22nd, 2010 12:38 pm
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I ran across a couple of recent links I thought y'all might be interested in. This one is a review of CoK (and the rest of the series) at the Fantasy Literature site, and this one is a really interesting discussion of theophany in mwt's books. Cool stuff.
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Hello all. I wanted to share this link to a very insightful review of aCoK by fellow Sounisian [livejournal.com profile] attackfish.


P.S. Don't hesitate to leave comments at the link.
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Just in case there is anyone who hasn't subscribed to the Greenwillow Books Facebook page I just thought I would post the link they put up today. It's a Shelf Awareness article all about MWT and ACoK including an interview (not sure if it's new) and bio. Yay!


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The King of Attolia (2006)
Written by: Megan Whalen Turner
Genre: YA/Fantasy
Pages: 387 (Trade Paperback)
Series: Book Three (ongoing)

The premise: ganked from BN.com: By scheming and theft, the Thief of Eddis has become King of Attolia. Eugenides wanted the queen, not the crown, but he finds himself trapped in a web of his own making. Attolia's barons seethe with resentment, the Mede emperor is returning to the attack, and the king is surrounded by the subtle and dangerous intrigue of the Attolian court.

When a naive young guard expresses his contempt for the king in no uncertain terms, he is dragged by Eugenides into the center of the political maelstrom. Like the king, he cannot escape the difficulties he makes for himself. Poor Costis knows he is the victim of the king's caprice, but he discovers a reluctant sympathy for Eugenides as he watches the newly crowned king struggle against his fate.

My Rating

Must Have: it's very, very close to a "Keeper Shelf" because I'm very, very tempted to sit down with the first three books and read them all over again. The King of Attolia was beautiful, and I'm not sure what else I can say. When I finished, I just sat there, savoring it, not wanting to rush to the next book in my TBR pile because I simply wanted let the book resonate with me. There's so much beauty here, and what a heroic and clever journey for Eugenides. It's a quiet, subtle fantasy that delights the mind and warms the heart PROVIDED you already have the first two books under your belt. Mind you, this could be read as a stand-alone, but you're missing a whole other dimension to this book if you do so. So don't. This book is by far the best of the three, and I can honestly say I look forward to the fourth book in the series, A Conspiracy of Kings, once it's available in paperback (though I won't say no to a free hardcover if it came my way). I did get the bonus of a short story in the back of my The King of Attolia copy, which focused on a childhood experience between the girl who would become Eddis and the gods, and that too was beautiful. Honestly, I have to say I love the way Turner handles the magic and religion of this series, as it's honest while being fictional, honest without being trite. Fantastic work, and I highly recommend this book, let alone the series, to anyone who enjoys reading fantasy but hasn't yet checked this out. Just note: The Thief is very different in tone and style than the rest of the books, so don't be jarred like I originally was when I read The Queen of Attolia. :)

Review style: I'm going to talk about why time heals (some) reading wounds, how the style isn't as jarring this time around and why, and how having the first two books under your belt really helps the enjoyment of the novel even though it could be read as a stand-alone, and lastly, how this series just doesn't feel like YA in the slightest, and how I'm not convinced that the characters I'm reading about are even teenagers. Spoilers? Unlike Eugenides, I'll behave.

The full review is in my LJ, for anyone who's interested. As always, comments and discussion are most welcome. :)


Happy Reading!

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