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Welcome back to the community read-along of all the books (so far!). This week, we’re starting A Conspiracy of Kings, reading from the start of the Prologue “The king of Attolia was passing....” to the end of Chapter 12 “...You came in. And you laughed.” Thirteen chapters sounds like a lot, but some of them are actually very short, so please keep reading and don’t panic!

These discussions are spoiler-free for the new short stories The Wine Shop and The Knife Dance, as well as for the ARC Thick As Thieves. If you have any comments on these in relation to ACoK, please write them down or tell them to the cat, so you’ll remember them to share with everyone else in Less Than A Month’s Time!!! :D

Obviously, there will be spoilers for the four extant books, so if you’re very very new to this fandom, I echo the Queen of Attolia: Go Away – and finish reading all four books!

Do not expand the cut unless you are prepared to madly fangirl/over-analyse ACoK and the rest of the series )
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A Very Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating! To add to your joy (I hope!) here is my entry for the Queen's Peeps contest.
    A couple of notes:
  • 1. I did not look at the other entries before creating this, (mostly because I didn't want to be discouraged if somebody else did a more brilliant version of the same scene.)
  • 2. Also, I've decided our author is cruel (though I love her anyway), because nothing will stick to a peep! And they are also strangely reluctant to stay where you put them, and have an awkward tendency to melt in the sun.

But anyway, the title of this scene is: WE EAT THE CHICKEN NOW! Picture and description after the cut )
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Hey guys, ever since we got all the exciting news a couple of weeks ago, I've been inspired to sketch and make stuff for QT. I posted them on Tumblr and DA, but I just want to share them here!
Pictures under cut! )
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And we've reached the end! Thank you so much to [livejournal.com profile] ninedaysaqueen for coordinating.

This week's discussion covers chapters 10 through the end, from "When I woke, the sun was up and the day was already warm." to " 'Thank you, thief.' 'You're welcome, my queen.' "

That is, I believe, the first time we hear anyone addressed directly as "My queen." It certainly isn't the last. :)

There's so much to cover here! Gen stealing the Gift a second time; more interference from the gods; Ambiades' and Pol's deaths; an introduction to the queens of Attolia and Eddis; and of course the revelations of Ambiades' treachery and Eugenides' true identity and motives.

I'm going to try something a little different with this post. I'll start a few threads in the comments, each with its own topic, which will hopefully seed the discussion in different directions! Feel free to respond to each of those if the topic interests you, or reply to this post and start your own.
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For the third week of The Thief read-along, we’re covering chapters 7 to 9, from “Good feelings persisted between myself and the Magus until the next morning...” to “Darkness that was deeper than the river swallowed me up.”

They’re some pretty exciting chapters, as we finally get to see Gen ‘in action’ professionally, as it were, rather than just active in driving the Magus nuts, baiting the Uselesses and generally pursuing his own agenda :)Chapters 7-9 discussion )
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Welcome to the second part of the anniversary read-along of The Thief! This week's read-along is chapters 4-6. It starts with the sentence "WE STOPPED AGAIN EARLY IN the evening." and ends with "Did he sound genuinely flattered?" I'm not going to give page numbers because I have an ebook version, but my discussion's mostly chronological and I'll give quotes.

Like all the readalongs - SPOILERS! I'll also talk a little bit about the other books, so be wary if you haven't read them yet.

Chapters 4-6 discussion )

Stay tuned for the next instalment next week, hosted by [livejournal.com profile] an_english_girl, for chapters 7-9!
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In 1934, King Alexander of Yugoslavia was assassinated while on a state visit to France. His eldest son Crown Prince Peter inherited the throne but since he was a minor (11), a regency was established ruled by his uncle Prince Paul.
Six years later, in 1941, Prince Paul announced the Kingdom of Yugoslavia would ally with Nazi Germany. King Peter, then aged 17 and at Cambridge University, took himself to the British government. His request may be summarised:
“Lend me a battleship. I'm going home to hold a coup.”
The coup worked, although Yugoslavia could not hold out against the might of the Axis forces, and King Peter was forced back to a government-in-exile in London. Post-war, Tito came to power, and the deposed king eventually died and was buried in Illinois in 1970. But it's the thought that counts, and hence my mental image of Sophos will always be based on this:
Photo link... )
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I found this picture of Sophos!

(source: mybunnny.tumblr(dot)com)
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Great question from an Anon someone, regarding the Queen's Thief book covers and how they differ from the actual description of the characters:

I just closed the last page of ACoK after (another) full retread of the series- so that's what I've been reading! And I've found myself here because I haven't been able to find a discussion on how the covers for the books have been whitewashed, and it's something that's been nagging at me! Is there links anyone could point me too, or fan art of Gen that is closer the MWT's description?

In all the books, Gen is described as having "dark skin."  How do you picture the characters in the books? Do you think the book covers do the characters justice? Were they made "whiter" in order to appeal to the broadest audience? What's your take on these links that talk about the lack of diverse characters in YA lit/fantasy/sci fi?

Post your comments here, and take a minute to read this great article by Deirdre Baker: Horn Book Article: Musings on Diverse Worlds

And this article on "whitewashed" covers of YA books

Also, from [livejournal.com profile] sounis :
Discussion of Eugenides as a Nonwhite Hero

Concept Art for ACoK
Artist Vince Natale's drawings for the book covers

On a lighter note, there was a great deal of discussion about the cover of ACoK, just before it was published. The ARC had a mustached Sophos on the cover, which was changed more than once. Check out these discussions as the changes to our buffed-up Sophos were made:
Facial Hair!Sophos
A Conspiracy of Artists
Life At Greenwillow

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After many hours days months idle moments obsessing over our Book 5 words (dirt, gold, slave, lion, ship), I've figured out what MWT was trying to tell us!

Clearly, it's an anagram for "Sophos Averting Dill Lid." Must be some nasty pickles... or some tightly sealed jars. Sophos can't have that causing problems in Sounis, and he cleverly averts the problem by giving them to Gen, who couldn't open them anyway because of his hand. But Gen realizes their potential and ultimately ends up thwarting the Mede... by sending the emperor a shipment of dill pickle jars that HE CAN NEVER OPEN. THE HORROR. THE CRUELTY. DUN DUN DUN.

More funny Sophos anagrams found here! I also liked the idea of Sophos opening a dental office, but unless the Mede emperor had a lot of cavities, Gen couldn't use that to his advantage. ;)

(In other news, I think I'm going slightly crazy in the interim... anyone else want to analyze animal imagery [especially in ACoK!!! Lions and foxes, oh my!] or cry over potential parallels between the stories of the gods and Gen's fate [WHAT ABOUT GOD EUGENIDES HAVING HIS BROTHER DIE IN HIS ARMS] while we wait for Book 5?)
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I had so much fun during the character chat, that I thought it was worth it to pay ten bucks in order to save the full transcript. I do think it's a pretty sneaky way for Chatzy to get money. Honestly, it is better than ads though. Can you imagine being forced to watch a commercial for toilet paper before you are allowed to enter the chat room? Bleh.

Anyway, Livejournal won't let me paste the chat directly into this post, saying that it is too large. So I made a google doc and changed the settings so that anyone can see it, google doc users or not. Let me know if you can't access the link. There is a fun surprise ending (some of you are already aware of it though.)



Mar. 24th, 2015 01:49 pm
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Excerpt from CoK:

Sounis turned to the magus. "Did you know?"

"That he was relentless?" The magus finished his question. "Yes. That he had this in mind, no. I did not realize that he disliked the ambassador so much."

"Melheret has a reputation as one of the best swordsmen in the Mede court," a soldier informed them, having overheard. "They say he trained the former ambassador, Nahuseresh."

"Ah," said the magus, understanding at once. "I see that he means to be prepared if he meets him again."

"Surely that's unlikely," said Sounis.

"I don't think unlikely means to him what it does to the rest of us," said the magus.

Sorry magus, I'm starting to agree with Sophos.

Let's do some math, folks!
The Thief 1996
Five years later: QoA 2001
Five years later: KoA 2006
Four years later: CoK 2010

As of yesterday, it has been five years since CoK was released. I think we're due.

Yet, no news. Interviews from MWT have dwindled. Sounis has grown quiet. The majority of posts by its members tend to be about other fandoms, or asking for reading suggestions.  Because we have NOTHING to read.

Will Eugenides ever get his revenge? #watchoutpointybeard #swordskillz

Will the Eddisians escape the sacred mountain in time? #ohnolava #zipcodechange

Will we ever find out why the woman in the kitchen still includes sand in certain recipes?  #what'swrongwiththegravy #i'mnothungry

Is the poor elephant doomed to wait ten years before he is stolen from a nameless intimidator? #impatientpachyderm #omghowcanistealthat

Will I ever break this cycle of despair when I read those fatal words, "'You gave me the gun.' They both laughed." and realize I just finished the book, with nothing new in sight? #whatnow

I know, I know. Stop whining and go to bed.

This has been a pity party by puppeteergirl. #icandoanythingiwant #smashinginkpots

Proceed with your attempted encouragements or your commiserations below.
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Hi, I guess I've mostly been lurking; I commented a couple times, but this is my first time posting.

I just finished rereading ACoK. There was a paragraph that near the end that caught my attention and really intrigued me, which I'd like to hear your thoughts on. It's at the end of chapter Twenty-Two on pg 310.

"Looking into his unsmiling face, Eddis knew it was as close as he would ever come to an accusation. He had been saved by the men Eugenides sent, though he did not yet know the ferocity with which the king of Attolia had stripped those men from other posts, the capital he had expended, the secrets that had been revealed in order to send help to Sounis. But Sophos had to know that she and Eugenides had let him ride away with an Attolian army at his back, believing that he needed it. With more faith in himself, and his father's army, he could have retaken his throne without Attolia's aid. He might not have followed that bloodier and more costly path, but Eddis and Attolis hadn't offered him the choice." (emphasis my own)

So my first thought was about the ferocity with which Gen got the men to send after Sophos, as I interpreted it, these are the men who reinforced them at Oneia. At first I assumed Gen's ferocity was only an indication of how much he cares for Sophos. We know he cares for him a lot (see pg 154 in ACoK where Eddis is thinking about the fact that Sophos holds Gen's heart and is the only one who could destroy him). But then I thought that it might be more than that.

Later on in the paragraph it says that Sophos could have retaken Sounis without Attolia's aid. Firstly I'm wondering could he? and how? Even with the ten-thousand Medes? Maybe if he'd been able to bring unite his barons and their forces before the Medes had a chance to land the rest of their army. Did Gen know about the ten-thousand Medes and send reinforcement because of that? Did he know before Sophos left Attolia for Sounis? Would earlier knowledge of the Mede numbers have led to different tactics that could have been ultimately less bloody?

There is strong support for the necessity of uniting the three countries for reasons that would probably be hard to persuade the general populaces about, maybe even various advisors. Such as Eddis' dreams of the mountain exploding. We also know that eventually the Mede will likely invade. Attolia's aid to Sophos in retaking his throne solidifies their treaty, this is likely why Gen and Eddis did not give Sophos another option, because they both need the three countries to be united. Maybe part of Gen's ferocity had to do with this and not just how he cares for Sophos.

The question I really want your thoughts on considering all of those musings (I'd like to hear your thoughts on those musings too). What secrets did Gen revel to send help to Sounis? Was it about the Mede troops? Some future threat from the Mede? Sources of Gen's information? Messages from the gods? Do you think we might find out in book 5? (I hope so). What secrets do you think were reveled?
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Don't you love it when visuals remind you of our favorite Attolia books? Here's a beautiful short film, "Les Esclaves" ("The Slaves"), that make me think of Sophos' time working in the fields as a slave, and his thought process during that time. The film deals with the sometimes surprising feelings slaves might have had toward freedom. It makes me want to see movies of our favorite book!

Check it out here (note--there is some Lord of the Rings-level violence in a fight sequence):

(Plus, my sister was one of the composers and the harp player for the score--breathtaking!)
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Hi y'all,

I hear about this study on the radio this morning and, of course, it brought to mind everyone's favorite blushing prince.

"Blushing Means You Are More Trustworthy"

The Cal-Berkely study finds that those who tend to blush or are easily embarrassed, are more trustworthy, more generous, and more faithful, and generally more virtuous than those who are not embarrassed easily.  Of course, we could have found the same things just by doing a character study of Sophos, but it was nice of the University to confirm it for us XD  So at least Helen, unlike Irene, will not have any mistresses to worry about XD


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Yes, that is a terrible title, and no, I couldn't think of a better one. (But I'll take suggestions.)

Lately I've been thinking about father figures in fiction. And, in the ongoing quest to discuss every single aspect of the Queen's Thief series, I naturally turned the focus of these thinkings onto Gen and company.

I am your father. )
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I was thinking about the nationality of the characters. Actually, out of the three countries, I always thought that the Attolians were the most Grecian, especially because of the pale skin and dark hair. The olive complexion that we often associate with the mediterranean region is probably from prolonged exposure to the sun, but the royals, especially the females, would not have been allowed to wander out in the open, much the way Athenian women were kept within the compound of their homes since dark skin indicates being of a lower caste because it means that one has been working. (And heaven forbid that, for a reason.) So actually, nobility and royalty probably had light coloured skin, like Irene. On the other hand, I thought that the Eddisians were native to the extent that they were more polynesian than greek, especially because they were emphasised to be native, and that they had darker skin. It would also explain why people of the other countries look down on them; there is this innate prejudice against polynesians and aboriginals that makes itself evident through how they were hunted down like game by many. As for the invaders of Sounis, I thought them to be either Anglo-Saxon, or Gaellic, because they strike me as slightly different from the other two, not in the least because they have blond hair, like Sophos, while Attolians and Eddisians have dark hair. Maybe that is why the three countries have so much bloody history between them; racial prejudice is rampant, and it might be possible if it appears in a fantasy work. Thoughts?

P.S. I know I am a tad bit more than obsessive. I will try to stop.


Mar. 27th, 2013 07:24 pm
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Okay, I know I am terrorising this place, but I cannot help but wonder. In CoK, Sophos said that Pol did not teach him how to fight off a table. Does that mean that he cannot fight the table, like opponents, or does that mean that he has toppled over onto a table and is unable to respond because he is in such a position?
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Okay, so I was thinking about Sophos in aCoKs and then almost randomly and immediately i thought of....

dun, dun, dun )


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