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I've never posted a picture so I don't know if the picture above will show up. When I saw this picture on Facebook, I was like "Wait were's Gen. And Steinides" It reminded me of the Disney Magazine graphics.

It's supposed to be Hermione and Belle.
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First of all I'd like to introduce myself. I am a long time Gen-addict but am new to the scene of internet fandom. I'd just like to say that so far I love this site and its many supportive and fun fans!

Anyway, I just thought I would post this link for anyone interested in MWT's Thief! which was only published in the August 2000 Disney Adventures Magazine. I'm not sure if anyone on this site has found a link to it yet (forgive me if it has already been posted) so I just thought I'd say where I found it. I spent forever trying to find a link/copy of the mag and finally found one through amazon: if you go to the following website (it's an amazon chat) you can find a person who posted his/her pdf file of Thief! (it's in about the fourth post from the bottom of the page).


It's really short but really good!
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YOU have something I want.  And maybe, just maybe I have something you want, as well.
I want to see Eddis, Attolia, and Sounis united under one standard to fight back the vile Mede.  I actually want to see the standard...you know...the flag, the symbol that would represent a unified Eddis/Attolia/Sounis.  I tried to make one myself, with the triangle symbolizing the three countries, the symbol for interdependence emblazoned in the background, the names of each nation in a never-ending circle.  The outcome was just a cheesy blinking icon, dang-it.
But I've seen your wicked-awesome artistic skills, Sounisians, and I think you're holding out on me.  So how's about I offer an incentive for your creative labors.  If you can offer me a unified Eddis/Attolia/Sounis symbol, flag, crest, seal, etc, then I can offer you.......
A copy of Each work published my MWT (to my knowledge) to date.  That's right.  I'm offering used but  SIGNED copies of The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, and the King of Attolia in paperback, a copy of Conspiracy of Kings (not signed), paperback version of Firebirds containing the short story "Baby in the Night Deposit Box", paperback Instead of Three Wishes, and a copy of August 2000 Disney Adventures Magazine containing the "Thief" short story.  All packaged lovingly and delivered to your doorstep.

So go.  Make something beautiful.  And profound.  And shiny.  I await your awe-inspiring submissions.

Post entry or intention to submit by March 20th.  Because I may not have the heart to pick one lovely winner over another I reserve the right to choose a winner by random selection or to double prize packages to award to multiple winners.  Void where prohibited.
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Good news to eBook lovers: Instead of Three Wishes and the Attolia Series are now available on eBook:


I came across this community a few months ago, when I was reading The Thief. Didn't really explore it back then to avoid spoilers, but made a mental note to come back once I've read the next two books. Now I have, so hello :-)

I discovered the series when I read a review of The King of Attolia that started out like, spoilers )

Been browsing through the archives, and am enjoying reading past discussions. Thanks especially for:
- this map (very helpful)
- THIEF! short story (who knew?)
- While She Knits (love the book recs; already put The Game of Kings and The Lies of Locke Lamora on my to-read list)
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Ok, Gen is part of the royal family of Eddis, right? Is it on his mother's side or his father's side (or both)? I just can't remember if the Thieves were related to the sovereigns or what.
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I've heard a lot there being two short stories at the end of KoA - One called Eddis, and one called Thief!. My copy has only the Eddis one (which is weird, because I think I have the copy everyone else has - the one that has Gen with a sword), and a preview of the first chaper of The Thief. Have I been cheated? If anyone knows a way to get to the other short story, I'd love to know how... I feel very guilty that there might be something QT related I don't know about. Thanks, all!
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Hello everyone! I just finished rereading the series and decided that I needed to find myself a place to discuss the books (nobody I know will read them, darn it! D<). Anyway, then I remembered that I used to lurk here, a long time ago, and figured that now might be a nice time to introduce myself.

So yes. Hello. I'm Jenna.

(Oh! Also. Can anyone upload the old Disney Adventures story? All of the old downloads have expired.)


Apr. 13th, 2008 05:44 pm
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Hi, i'm new here and I have a big question. As much as I love Megan Whalen Turner, her website is sadly lacking. So what I want to know is, does she still do appearances/book signings? Is she working on any other books? Is there another source for info like this then the official website? Thank You! (Sorry if this is posted, I went into the archives but I couldn't find it.)
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With nothing to do tonight, I thought I'd make some icons (and two headers) based on the artwork from the DA short story. Thanks to whomever put up a link to download the story.

(more through the fake cut)
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So I have a question regarding Gen's family. I know it's been discussed a little before, but we need more in-depth discussion.

How many siblings does Gen have? Where is he in the order of siblings? I always assumed that he was the baby of the family (he seems to have that youngest-child mentality...), especially as what is said about his family is that he has "Brothers and sisters. With the same father." And that "One of [his] brothers is a soldier, and the other is a watchmaker." Now, we know that Sten is older than he, and as Temenus is the same age as Eddis, well, he is obviously older as well.

What I'm really looking for is information on his sisters. More importantly, does he have any younger ones? Given that what is said about his sister is that they are "even married, and honest housewives to boot," I wouldn't think that they would be any younger than he, since <14 seems just a little young to be married and a housewife.

We need this to settle a troublesome discussion with someone about whether or not Gen has a younger sister who might be a Thief. It just seems... doubtfull.
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I've been rereading the books lately, and I think Eugenides is way younger than we all thought he was. In The Thief, we know that Eugenides's mother died when he was ten years old (p. 275). We also know that Eugenides's big fight with his father occurred two years before the events of The Thief (p. 269), because Eugenides told his father he wanted to be the next Thief of Eddis (p. 225). Then, in The Queen of Attolia, we learn that Eugenides told his father his intentions immediately after his mother's death (pp. 48-49). Therefore we know that Eugenides was ten years old when he became the next Thief of Eddis --- making him twelve in The Thief, thirteen at the beginning of QoA, and fifteen at the end. That's a good three years younger than I previously believed (and slightly worrisome).

Also, I've come up with an easy (ha) way to approximate Attolia's age at the end of QoA. Just take Eugenides's age (15), add the number of years Eddis has reigned (7), add the number of years Attolia had been on the throne before Eddis's coronation (probably less than 5) and subtract the number of years' age difference between Eugenides now and Attolia when she first married (probably less than 3). That would make her around 25-ish, give or take a few years. I'm feeling better now that I can assume there's only a 10-year age difference between Gen and Irene instead of 20 or more, as I previously thought.

All page numbers refer to the new 2006 Eos editions.
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"Yes, and MWT keeps me wanting MORE! Even minor characters barely
mentioned! For example, Gen says in The Thief that he has two brothers,
one a soldier, one a watchmaker. What happened to them? Where were they
during Gen's tumultuous years in court being beaten up by all his cousins?
Where is the soldier brother during the events of the second book? What
about his married sisters? Is Gen an uncle yet? Does he like his nieces
and nephews? What about his brothers-in-law? Does he like them?"

This last bit from the review that dh684 suggested made me realize how little we know about Gen's family. Does anyone know anything about his siblings?
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I hope [livejournal.com profile] fabricalchemist doesn't mind. I downloaded the Disney Adventures article by MWT that she uploaded a few months ago. I'm posting a yousendit link here. Up to 25 people can download it within seven days, so everyone who's joined recently should be able to read it.


If it isn't working, comment, and I'll try to fix it. :)
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Nope, I'm a badass; here's the proper link:


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Let me begin by saying, I hate this computer! Whee!

Secondly, I believe you can access the thief!.pdf Disney Adventures article madness by going to http://www.yousendit.com/wanderer_inman@yahoo.com

If that doesn't work, start throwing email addresses my way. We may also need to look into this: http://beta.yousendit.com/static.php?key=community
It might come in handy?

Anyway, let me know if this actually works. I don't know how else to make yousendit just let me upload and give you all a handy dandy free-for-all link.
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Not really on-topic, but it could be.

I found the scanned .pdf of the Disney Adventures article about chibi Gen...but...like...where can I put/host/whatever it? Gah! Basically, how do I get it out of my computer and in a place it can be shared? It's a fair-sized file...


Jan. 15th, 2006 11:33 pm
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Sorry to spam, but inspiration hit me and I decided to make some icons.

So, one for each book, made using the new cover art and the GIMP. Of course, anyone is free to use them. Crediting is not necessary. If you guys like these I could definitely make more, so please comment on what you think. (I could also change them if you'd like different words, etc.)

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