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Epic Read posted a couple of beautiful edits of the Thick as Thieves cover with some great quotes from the book. Check them out under the cut below. Let me know if I missed any!

Nothing too spoilery, but if you don't want to see anything about the book before it comes out, cover your ears.

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Check out the new Epic Reads booktrailer for QT if you haven't seen it yet. Does anyone have any new speculations about the book?

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Read the transcript from Sunday night's chat.

In which we discuss...

The lastest TaT summary

"The Knife Dance" and "Wine Shop"



Goats avoiding Lava


The identity Gitta Kingsdaughter

The Magus's historical writings

Textbooks are $$$

Enjoy! And don't be afraid to join us for future chats. We don't bit! Only the goats do.

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“I could run away and make myself a free man.”
“Oh, I’d find you.”
-The Queen of Attolia

I asked our authoress if it was okay for me to write a spoiler free review, and she gleefully gave me permission to “torture” you all! Thank you so much, Megan! XD

Now, for the real trick… How to review a QT book without giving anything away. This is a no spoiler review as it says on the tin. I’m sworn to secrecy.

However, I will be talking openly about the information revealed in the summaries published online (I have to have something to work with), so if you don’t want to know even that about the new book, beware of small spoilers. I wrote this to be as general as possible and nothing specific is revealed.

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This week we’re reading from, “He was asleep, but woke at the sound of the key turning in the lock.” To “‘He sighed inwardly.”

Chapters 1-8 of QoA.
These discussions are spoiler free for the new short stories, “The Wine Shop” and “The Knife Dance,” as well as the “Thick as Thieves” arc.

There may be spoilers for books 1-4, so if you haven’t read all the published books yet, proceed with caution.
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The one in which...

We speculate about Kamet.

We pass around some British scones with jam.

We discuss the geography of a fictional universe for some reason.

Checker's is an evil librarian.

We are reprobates being reprobatish for thirty-six pages of chat log.

A PSA for all reprobates: as we discussed during the chat, reprobate wranglers the mods, [livejournal.com profile] checkers65477 and I, are now on Tumblr. We will be crossposting things from Sounis to help the community and Megan promote the new book

Follow us if you're on Tumblr!

Checker's Eddis, Sounis, Attolia

Lady Jane

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As we prepare for Hurricane Sandy's impact, we hope that allowing her to blow out her frustrations on the Eastern seaboard will allow her to calm down, and perhaps begin to see Eugenides in a new, better light. (Or at least give him a few sand free days as she is busy elsewhere!!:)

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When I realized how many Sounisians were having technical difficulties, I grabbed a pen and paper and set to work making (imperfect) notes. Here they are!

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Aug. 2nd, 2011 09:39 pm
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Hi Everyone,

I'm introducing myself after a year and a half of not only lurking, but lurking under my sister's username!  Finally made my own name and icon too  :)   My favorite in the series is The King of Attolia, but The Thief is a close second, and Irene is my favorite character.  I  also come bearing a discussion question:

A few weeks ago, you all made wishlists of what you'd like to see in the next book. My question is: Whose perspective would you like to see it from?  Do you want first person or third?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to discussing things with you all!
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Hi, I've been lurking here for over a year, ever since I found this site as I was reading the QT books.  It's great to find a community devoted to discussing these great characters, and includes book reccomendations. 

My favorite book is definetly The King of Attolia!  It makes me laugh through the entire book, even scenes that have no right to be funny, (like immediately following the assasination attempt!) 

I come bearing a discussion topic:  Who is the QT character that you absolutly love to hate?  (Sorry, Medes are excluded, we all know they are nothing more than slimy worms and don't even deserve the dignity of a comment in their honor!)
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So I'm taking a course in Arthurian Legends (which, it probably goes without saying, is entirely awesome) and I came across something pretty cool while reading part of Geoffrey of Monmouth's "History of the Kings of Britain." At this point, Arthur and his troops are locked in battle with the Roman empire and their various allies. The relevant passage follows:
"First a loss was inflicted on the Britons, because Bedivere the Cupbearer was slain, and Kay the Seneschal mortally wounded. For while Bedivere was fighting Boccus, king of the Medes, he was pierced by that one's lance among the enemy troops and collapsed, slain. When Kay the Seneschal tried to avenge him, he was surrounded by the troops of the Medes and received his death wound. Yet like a good soldier, with a flank that he was leading, he opened a way through slain and routed Medes and would have retreated to his own lines with his division intact if he had not encountered the division of the King of Libya..." (The Romance of Arthur, New, Expanded Edition: An Anthology of Medieval Texts in Translation, p. 88)
So it seems, at least according to the relatively unreliable Geoffery, that the Medes were active, allied strongly with Rome, and pretty bad-ass way back in Arthur's time. (The dates of which are not easily ascertained, unfortunately.) Even if Geoffrey's Medes don't reflect reality, it's still cool to connect fiction to fiction.
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Arggggh I wish to draw fanart but I cannot find my boooooks. For some reason, I've never been able to get a mental image of certain characters, or cannot separate them from each other in my mind. Quick! Character descriptions!

Nahblahblah (can only remember red beard D:), Kamet, and how do Pol and Teleus differ? Lol, Teleus is basically Pol to me, although every now and then I picture one less chin stubbly than the other. And, I am sad to admit these ones but... I can't remember either Magus' or Sophos' descriptions. I know Sophos' personality, which tends to help with how they look, but I rarely read character descriptions. Because I am dumb.

Halp. o3o
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