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Epic Read posted a couple of beautiful edits of the Thick as Thieves cover with some great quotes from the book. Check them out under the cut below. Let me know if I missed any!

Nothing too spoilery, but if you don't want to see anything about the book before it comes out, cover your ears.

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Check out the new Epic Reads booktrailer for QT if you haven't seen it yet. Does anyone have any new speculations about the book?

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I think sometime in the last chat I might have promised you all a Romantic!Magus story for Valentines Day?
Not Telling anything, but here you are!
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To see which of my predictions for major plot developments in Thick As Thieves actually comes true.

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So, I've had a cup of tea and a moment to calm down, and have (mostly) silienced my internal screaming. It's time to review everything we know about book five and update our theories.

There may be minor SPOILERS in this post, so if you don't want to know anything about the book other than the title and cover before you read it, please do not click.


I will try to add new information to this post as it becames available. If you see anything missing, please post it in the comments.

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Not sure if I'm the only one paying close attention to mwt's tumblr, but there's a little mystery there that may interest some of you! I didn't notice until recently, but for a while now, she's been tagging certain posts with the acronym "rkif", and not letting on what it means. Some people have been speculating that it could stand for the title of the next book, in light of the recent rumors about release dates... Is this a cleverly disguised hint? A taunt? Or something else entirely??
Anyway, here are all the tagged posts, if anybody wants to scour them and make some guesses!


Mar. 24th, 2015 01:49 pm
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Excerpt from CoK:

Sounis turned to the magus. "Did you know?"

"That he was relentless?" The magus finished his question. "Yes. That he had this in mind, no. I did not realize that he disliked the ambassador so much."

"Melheret has a reputation as one of the best swordsmen in the Mede court," a soldier informed them, having overheard. "They say he trained the former ambassador, Nahuseresh."

"Ah," said the magus, understanding at once. "I see that he means to be prepared if he meets him again."

"Surely that's unlikely," said Sounis.

"I don't think unlikely means to him what it does to the rest of us," said the magus.

Sorry magus, I'm starting to agree with Sophos.

Let's do some math, folks!
The Thief 1996
Five years later: QoA 2001
Five years later: KoA 2006
Four years later: CoK 2010

As of yesterday, it has been five years since CoK was released. I think we're due.

Yet, no news. Interviews from MWT have dwindled. Sounis has grown quiet. The majority of posts by its members tend to be about other fandoms, or asking for reading suggestions.  Because we have NOTHING to read.

Will Eugenides ever get his revenge? #watchoutpointybeard #swordskillz

Will the Eddisians escape the sacred mountain in time? #ohnolava #zipcodechange

Will we ever find out why the woman in the kitchen still includes sand in certain recipes?  #what'swrongwiththegravy #i'mnothungry

Is the poor elephant doomed to wait ten years before he is stolen from a nameless intimidator? #impatientpachyderm #omghowcanistealthat

Will I ever break this cycle of despair when I read those fatal words, "'You gave me the gun.' They both laughed." and realize I just finished the book, with nothing new in sight? #whatnow

I know, I know. Stop whining and go to bed.

This has been a pity party by puppeteergirl. #icandoanythingiwant #smashinginkpots

Proceed with your attempted encouragements or your commiserations below.
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Courtesy of Toni Weisskopf and shamelessly reposted from Baen.com...

The official First snippet.. (yes, Toni is EVIL!!!)

"It was a good day on the military transfer station orbiting the planet
Sergyar. The Vicereine was coming home."

Tee hee hee.
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The Professora & I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens yesterday. They had an exhibit of scarecrows, some with scarily bad punny names. I'm not sure what flickr did with/to the order, but the names should be at or near the pictures. I hope y'all enjoy them. In between, of course, being very, very afraid.


One could, of course, bring the whole discussion back on-topic & speculate about autumn equinox customs in the countries of the Sounis universe. I imagine a certain reluctant king would take particular glee in comparing certain attendants and advisors to scarecrows. Maybe Ornon's sheep were used to arrange an amusing seasonal tableau?

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Hi, I guess I've mostly been lurking; I commented a couple times, but this is my first time posting.

I just finished rereading ACoK. There was a paragraph that near the end that caught my attention and really intrigued me, which I'd like to hear your thoughts on. It's at the end of chapter Twenty-Two on pg 310.

"Looking into his unsmiling face, Eddis knew it was as close as he would ever come to an accusation. He had been saved by the men Eugenides sent, though he did not yet know the ferocity with which the king of Attolia had stripped those men from other posts, the capital he had expended, the secrets that had been revealed in order to send help to Sounis. But Sophos had to know that she and Eugenides had let him ride away with an Attolian army at his back, believing that he needed it. With more faith in himself, and his father's army, he could have retaken his throne without Attolia's aid. He might not have followed that bloodier and more costly path, but Eddis and Attolis hadn't offered him the choice." (emphasis my own)

So my first thought was about the ferocity with which Gen got the men to send after Sophos, as I interpreted it, these are the men who reinforced them at Oneia. At first I assumed Gen's ferocity was only an indication of how much he cares for Sophos. We know he cares for him a lot (see pg 154 in ACoK where Eddis is thinking about the fact that Sophos holds Gen's heart and is the only one who could destroy him). But then I thought that it might be more than that.

Later on in the paragraph it says that Sophos could have retaken Sounis without Attolia's aid. Firstly I'm wondering could he? and how? Even with the ten-thousand Medes? Maybe if he'd been able to bring unite his barons and their forces before the Medes had a chance to land the rest of their army. Did Gen know about the ten-thousand Medes and send reinforcement because of that? Did he know before Sophos left Attolia for Sounis? Would earlier knowledge of the Mede numbers have led to different tactics that could have been ultimately less bloody?

There is strong support for the necessity of uniting the three countries for reasons that would probably be hard to persuade the general populaces about, maybe even various advisors. Such as Eddis' dreams of the mountain exploding. We also know that eventually the Mede will likely invade. Attolia's aid to Sophos in retaking his throne solidifies their treaty, this is likely why Gen and Eddis did not give Sophos another option, because they both need the three countries to be united. Maybe part of Gen's ferocity had to do with this and not just how he cares for Sophos.

The question I really want your thoughts on considering all of those musings (I'd like to hear your thoughts on those musings too). What secrets did Gen revel to send help to Sounis? Was it about the Mede troops? Some future threat from the Mede? Sources of Gen's information? Messages from the gods? Do you think we might find out in book 5? (I hope so). What secrets do you think were reveled?

Some Days

Feb. 26th, 2014 11:47 am
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I know this is a topic that has been analyzed a lot on here, but I need comfort, y'all. I was talking with Maureen, Brandy, Chachic, and a few other people on Twitter and basically freaking out, because there are days that I'm hit with the absolute certainty that Gen is going to die. I hope against hope that his illness a) is a ploy to draw attention away from something else, or b) real but will eventually be resolved.

But his fevers feel real. Irene's concern feels real. His relatives' concerns feel real. MWT is not a spare-your-darlings type. The gods have already proven they're willing to let him fall if it will further their desires. I keep hearing a line from The Shadow Throne by Jennifer Nielsen in my head. The main character, Jaron, is like a younger Gen, and he confesses in his final story:

"Mine has never been the kind of life that leads to old age."

As much as I want Gen to live a long life surrounded by children and grandchildren and loving subjects, I'm not sure that will happen.

So now we come to my threefold purpose. First, I want you all to suffer with me, because I'm frightened. Second, I want to hear your theories regarding Gen's illness and possible demise. Third, what do you think will happen if he does die? (I, personally, will mourn him deeply, but my concern is for Irene.)
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Or, Book Five.

My beard grows long with waiting.

Just a Happy New Year to Sounis post, followed by the questions: Who's planning a re-read of the Queen's Thief series this year? What are your hopes, theories, and expectations for the next book? Will it be written in Third Person? Third Person Omniscient? Or First Person? (Or, in Gen's case, First Person Omniscient. *snicker*) Who do you think will narrate? What happened to Costis? Kamet? Is Gen sick or faking it? Is Irene pregnant (or faking it)? Which Mede will it be this time? To elephant or not to elephant?
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Eight years ago this week Queen rowana and the elusive eddis decided to start up a new community dedicated to the Attolia books. Since then we've discussed nearly every aspect of Megan's books, celebrated the publication of The King of Attolia and A Conspiracy of Kings, recommended other well-loved books, created reams of fanart, and generated not nearly enough crack.

Let us celebrate!  With the recent announcement that Megan is now working on not Book 5 but Book 6 (yes, this was shared in notes from a recent meetup!  Where have you been, anyway?) it is Time to Speculate.

What's going to happen to our dear Gen, Irene, Sophos, Helen, et al?  Is Gen really ill?  Are there royal offspring in the making?  Will Attolia ever catch "Sandy"?  Where in heck/afterlife is poor Costis?  Will the Medes win the day?  Is someone actually going to offend the gods, eventually?  Where would Gen keep a war elephant, anyway?  No detail is too small for comment, crack-filled or in earnest.

What's going to happen, people??
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Bookworm just asked a fun question in Chatzy I thought we could have some fun with this...

What do you think our favorite crew is up to for Halloween? Who do you think Eddis, Sounis, Attolia and Attolis dressed up as? More importantly...who has the tricks and who has the treats? *raises eyebrow*

Cracks, ficlets, sonnets & general insanity all welcomed!
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Here's a wonderful post on historical layers and geography of Rome. It makes me think of Eddis, Sounis, & Attolia. I wonder if the old places survive under the structures built by the new invaders, like they do in Rome?


May. 30th, 2013 08:26 pm
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Sorry for the excessive amount of weird things I post, but I was reading through the books, again, and I thought that this was pretty interesting:

“No,” Eddis replied. She said thoughtfully, “She and I both thought his presence must inevitably weaken Attolia and if he didn’t become a strong king, the court would soon be unstable. He proved me wrong. Either because he can see what we can’t or just because he demands the world conform to his own desires. I am never sure which it is that he does. In this case, he managed to so terrify his barons that they have assumed a semblance of conformity without undermining Attolia’s power after all. No one will cross her.” )

P.S. Just a random thought; has anyone watched Elizabeth and Elizabeth: A golden age? I thought it was cool that the actress playing the titular character captured a sort of calculation, but also fear and naivety when acting as a princess, but a characteristic harshness and shrewdness in her expression after the queen's coronation. Wouldn't that be good for Irene?
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Hello All!

Just to get some creativity/crack/conspiracies flowing around here, I thought why not have a confession night in Chatzy!? [The link can be found to Left, 'The Conspiracy Room'] That's right!
Where? The Conspiracy Room
When? Whenever it is "Night" in your specific location!
Why? Why NOT?!

Drop by in chatzy with your secret name and leave a secret QT confession. I don't want to limit you, so I'll let you guys take it from here [[this is a safe place to express all your QT related obsessions the good, the bad, the UgLy!]]....All reprobate-ish behavior is welcome, so Feel Free to Confess your Deepest, Darkest, Wildest QT secrets!


Ps. I have one last exam before summer, so I hope to come back and see that hilarity and chaos has ensued.

Be Blessed in your endeavors,

(The Self-Proclaimed-Sounis Matchmaker/SounisTwitter manager)

EDIT: You are are awesome, keep the secrets pouring in! Sylvester showed up after his long disappearance! Keep it going, who knows what sort of special guests might just show up these days! ;-)

-Your secret Keeper, El

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Hello Sounisians!
I've been lurking for some time - you may have seen my comments on a few entries. I only became a fan after the release of A Conspiracy of Kings, so I'm a relative newbie. I have read the books 2-3 times each, and KoA is in my top five books list. Other favorite authors incude Rosemary Sutcliff, C.S. Lewis, and Dorothy Sayers. I'm not on LJ much anymore, but this is the most vibrant MWT fandom site, so... here I am.
I'm not sure what else is traditionally included in this sort of post. Please excuse my embarrassing ignorance!

I do have three icons to share:

which anyone may use. Credit would be appreciated.

And then I have a question for all you experienced fans: how far (or short) ahead of time can we expect the next book title? Release date? Cover art? I'm as hungry for the next installment as the rest of you!


Feb. 17th, 2013 08:37 am
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As I've had a spectacular weekend of MWT " not telling " us about the upcoming books my mind is weaving through all the possibilities.

One of the signatures of this series is the reveal. Even on the Nth read through I love seeing all those things I missed and my mistaken assumptions. There's a huge satisfaction in seeing the characters around Gen see him finally unveiled.

And I've just realized...it's an ever-expanding circle of revelation, of inclusion.
See what I mean? )
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Dear Megan,

After giving you our best birthday wishes, we thought we'd mix it up a little. In honor of the upcoming debut of The Hobbit movie (no, not that one), we thought we'd celebrate your birthday hobbit-style.

As it says in The Fellowship of the Ring:
[Bilbo] gave away presents to all and sundry--the latter were those who went out again by a back way and came in again by the gate. Hobbits give presents to other people on their birthdays. Not very expensive ones, as a rule, and not so lavishly as on this occasion; but it was not a bad system. Actually in Hobbiton and Bywater every day in the year it was somebody's birthday, so that every hobbit in those parts had a fair chance of at least one present at least once a week. But they never got tired of them.

In this spirit, we'd like to ask for just little things, namely, details we'd like to see in the next book. Nothing huge or spoilery, just fun. So come out, you little furry-footed Sounisians, and make your requests known! And don't worry about sneaking out through the back way--we have a revolving gate. :-)

After all, it's her birthday, my loves, and we wants it.
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When I realized how many Sounisians were having technical difficulties, I grabbed a pen and paper and set to work making (imperfect) notes. Here they are!

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